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AllCloud Enhances Nyotron’s Existing Salesforce Foundation to Build a 360°Customer View and a Single Source of Truth

About Nyotron

Nyotron’s PARANOID is the cybersecurity industry’s first and only automatic Endpoint Prevention and Response (EPR) solution. PARANOID detects all malware types, including new and unknown threats that too often slip past traditional endpoint security products, AND prevents damage to your organization’s endpoints. Based on the OS-Centric Positive Security model, PARANOID automatically whitelists trusted operating system behavior and rejects everything else — no manual threat hunting, baselining, machine learning or cloud connectivity required. Organizations gain true defense-in-depth protection against the most advanced attacks. Nyotron is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA with an R&D office in Israel.


Nyotron already had a foundation on Salesforce but was struggling to get the most out of the solution. In particular, the company lacked a sales and marketing funnel and was using several different tools – causing a lack of adequate visibility. Within weeks, AllCloud turned this around, implementing its solutions into Salesforce Sales Cloud, putting operational dashboards in place, and providing a sales and marketing funnel with a single source of truth for data-driven decision making moving forward.

The Challenge

Nyotron had a large database of leads but did not have a process in place to nurture these leads or create a sales funnel. The company had adopted Salesforce but lacked the best practices for building out a sales process and needed some support to utilize it to its full potential. In particular:

  • Integrate Disparate Solutions: Nyotron was attempting to integrate many different platforms for collecting data and nurturing their leads. Tools included service ticketing, marketing and email automation, hosting webinars, completing customer data, and sales intelligence. 
  • Transparency: There was no clear view of everything in one place, which prevented Nyotron from seeing their processes from end to end, or nurturing leads effectively.  
  • Put Data at the Center: It was a priority to set up customized dashboards and set KPIs for the sales process as a whole so that the company could begin making data-driven decisions.
  • Attain Quick Time to Value: After asking for an estimate, the first company that was approached estimated months of work to build out a solution. Nyotron needed to get there faster.

The Solution

“AllCloud is very responsive, quick and efficient, and a pleasure to work with. They really put the customer first and created a customized solution for us that met all of our needs. Their SLA is great, and we are now part of their Managed Services program. Beyond that, AllCloud invests in nurturing the community with best practice webinars and sessions that have been incredibly useful.”

In 2018, Nyotron’s marketing agency recommended AllCloud as the right Managed Service Provider that could support these key goals, and help it to transition to getting the most out of Salesforce.

Despite the previous estimate being months of work, AllCloud completed the same customization in just weeks, building out 80% of the sales process and work-flow in two weeks.

Using Salesforce vast integration capabilities, AllCloud was able to support Nyotron in aggregating all of its third-party tools to provide one platform where it could see everything in one place. This single source of truth could be used for reporting, sales and management meetings, and more.

By utilizing Salesforce Sales Cloud, operational dashboards could be put into place, customized for sales and management teams to streamline the business process overall and make better and more efficient use of their integrated platforms.

The Results 

  • Enhanced Utilization of Salesforce: The foundational pieces were set in place to grow, and AllCloud has taken this to the next level. A phased approach to growing a toolset that integrates with Salesforce has allowed Nyotron to get up and running faster.
  • Improved Sales and Marketing Tools: Nyotron now has an effective sales funnel which did not exist before, and a process in place to nurture leads throughout the entire marketing and sales process.
  • Vast Integration Capabilities: All of Nyotron’s siloed solutions for sales and marketing are now under one roof in Salesforce, streamlining their CRM into a powerful technology, and providing one clear 360° view of the customer.
  • Single Source of Truth and Transparency: Through these integrations, Nyotron can create campaigns, analyze for ROI, and find out what’s working, or retire what isn’t. Performance reports support the business in tracking and staying on top of progress.
  • A More Data-Driven Company: The numbers now lead Nyotron’s success, supporting every Salesforce user in making smarter decisions backed up with actionable and communicable data.


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