Na’ama Spices

Case Studies

Na’ama Spices, a leading Israeli spices supplier, partnered with AllCloud to implement Salesforce solutions and digitally transform their operations. By automating inventory management, order handling, and data synchronization across systems, Na’ama Spices streamlined workflows, reduced errors, and improved efficiency

About Na’ama Spices

Na’ama Spices was founded in 1963 by Na’ama Ovadia in the Hatikva neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Israel. Since its inception, Na’ama Spices has been providing the highest-quality fresh spices and seasonings on the market. In recent years, Na’ama Spices has established a modern and advanced roasting factory, enabling it to deliver premium spices, roasted nuts & coffee, and fresh seasonings, with exceptional taste and quality. The company is now run by the three brothers, David, Kobi, and Ronen.

Throughout its years of operation, Na’ama Spices has accumulated extensive experience in preparing and blending spices, expanding its operations from a small neighborhood store to a leading supplier of spices and dried fruits in Israel and worldwide. Based on the increased demand Na’ama Spices offers a wide variety of spices, including unique blends and seasonings tailored for individual customers, wholesalers, restaurants, and retail chains in Israel and abroad.

The Challenge

The primary challenge faced by Na’ama Spices was the manual management of inventory through an ACCESS software system. This manual process significantly slowed down workflow and hindered data management and tracking capabilities, limiting the ability to manage and track data effectively. The ACCESS system was limited both in process flexibility and ongoing maintenance, necessitating a relatively immediate replacement.

In addition to this system, Na’ama Spices used accounting management software for suppliers and invoices management. Each system was manually operated in parallel, without synchronization and integration between them, often resulting in duplicate data entry. This manual and duplicate work required significant human resources and time and was prone to errors.

“From the very first phone call, an excellent relationship began with the AllCloud team. The initial meeting with the team was very friendly, and there was a genuine understanding of the need. The feeling was that “they weren’t just there to sell, but to solve a problem, and if there was no solution, they wouldn’t offer something irrelevant.” Kobi Naama, Head of Procurement

The company’s growth in recent years and expansion into additional new markets and geographies necessitated immediate and significant streamlining in the management of systems and data to to keep up with the substantial growth,enable continued expansion, development, and growth.

The Solution

The solution implemented at Na’ama Spices is based on Salesforce solutions: Salesforce Platform and Salesforce Sales cloud, both were customized and adjusted to Na’ama Spices specific needs. The solution implemented by AllCloud experts significantly reduces manual processes, errors, and saves time and human resources, allowing synchronization between various systems.

The initial motivation for deciding to move forward with the project was the ability to scan a document and convert it into a computerized invoice. The first stage was a migration process transferring all data from the accounting management system into the Salesforce system.

TheAllCloud team implemented several Salesforce solutions listed below to enable automated and efficient manage the inventory, the price lists, and sales processes including:

  • Product Module: Allows management of a product catalog and customized pricing tailored to each supplier, including an automated pricing rules engine.
  • Ordering Module: Enables smart procurement order processing, including advanced configuration capabilities for managing negotiations with multiple suppliers on raw material costs, thereby increasing efficiency and profitability for Na’ama Spices.
  • Inventory Management Module: Customized adaptation allowing inventory counts, smart management of periodic counts and warehouse location tracking, and connection through an application installed on smartphones/tablets. Additionally, smart filtering and displays allow for automatic actions with a single click.

The Results

The implementation of the above modules significantly reduced the need for manual management, manual data entry, and nearly eliminated the source of errors, allowing for the automatic, efficient, and profitable management of all sales and inventory processes.

Na’ama Spices now manages all procurement, inventory management, and various orders in a digital, automated system based. Processes are now managed efficiently and with significant time and human resource savings, without the need for duplicative activities and with almost no errors.

Na’ama Spices currently manages approximately 200 suppliers and hundreds of institutional and private customers in Israel and worldwide transparently and efficiently, maximizing the capabilities of the system.

Na’ama Spices head of procurement Kobi, had this to say about their work with AllCloud: “The team’s professionalism is unquestionable and is evident at every moment. I feel that I have someone to rely on, and it’s the right decision to continue moving forward with the AllCloud team. The feeling is that they always want to help and take care of things beyond just making a sale. The AllCloud team is always thinking ahead and is already familiar with our organization’s needs and future vision. I feel at ease, knowing that I’m in good hands and that I have an open door and a path forward. I know that it’s not just a matter of handing over the system and ending the relationship there. It feels more like family with the AllCloud team. I definitely see AllCloud as a partner for the journey of further implementing the vision and integrating customers into the system as well.”

The Future

Currently, only the procurement and inventory management processes are managed within the system. In the future, Na’ama Spices plans to achieve full data synchronization and integrate customers as well. Additional processes are currently being performed, with the objective of synchronizing everything to, with no manual intervention required. Inventory will be automatically input and output.


The Needs

Manual approach severely slowed workflows, hindered effective data management, consumed substantial human resources, and was prone to errors.

The Project

Leveraging customized Salesforce solutions: Salesforce Platform and Sales Cloud, tailored to the company's specific requirements.

The Results

The implemented solution significantly reduced the need for manual management, eliminated errors, allowing for the automatic, efficient, and profitable management.