Case Studies

A Leading Endpoint Security Company Reaches New Heights in AWS Security with AllCloud Engage

About Morphisec

Morphisec is a world leader in cybersecurity, providing revolutionary in-memory runtime protection against zero-day attacks, ransomware, fileless attacks, supply chain attacks, and more, from endpoint to the cloud. The company’s patented Moving Target Defense technology powers software solutions that protect endpoints, Windows servers, Linux servers, and also offers vulnerability management and incident response. Morphisec operates worldwide, protecting more than 8.5 million endpoints and stopping up to 30,000 cyberattacks every day, helping to boost the performance of NGAV, EDR, EPP, and XDR solutions for over 5,000 enterprises across the globe, including Motorola, BlackRock, TruGreen, Covenant Health, PACCAR, Maersk, Citizens Medical Center, and more​.


Morphisec migrated from on-premise to AWS infrastructure several years ago, leveraging AllCloud’s DevOps-on-Demand service. Morphisec wanted to engage more deeply with an AWS MSP partner for enhanced health monitoring, infrastructure operations, and application delivery, and achieve the highest level of security for their SaaS customers. Morphisec became an AllCloud Engage Professional customer, benefiting from cost savings, a dedicated project manager, 24/7 support, and security response and remediation, with ‘on tap’ access to the AWS-expert team at AllCloud.


Morphisec decided to move its SaaS platform from on-premise to cloud infrastructure. The company worked with AllCloud on a DevOps-on-Demand basis. Morphisec developed a roadmap to change to a multi-tenant platform on AWS, which meant engaging with an MSP partner.

Because Morphisec provides endpoint security to their clients, Morphisec needed the most secure environment possible. They sought a partner that could provide sophisticated 24/7 cloud security and keep up with threats and vulnerabilities.


Morphisec’s AWS operational needs increased beyond DevOps and architecture to requiring an MSP. So the company upgraded to the AllCloud Engage program. Morphisec is an Engage Pro customer, utilizing four main pillars: health monitoring, application delivery, security management, and infrastructure operations. The main focus is on app delivery/DevOps-on-Demand services, security, and cost optimization.

Today, Morphisec works closely with the AllCloud Engage team on an ongoing basis to manage, monitor, and optimize their AWS environment. As an Engage Pro customer, AllCloud is available 24/7 via Slack and email to handle issues and requests. There is a clear structure for escalation, with a dedicated AllCloud project manager working side-by-side with Morphisec on ad-hoc requests and system errors.

To meet Morphisec’s high demands for security, AllCloud leverages AWS-native services like Security Hub and partner solutions such as Check Point CloudGuard. AllCloud provides 24/7 monitoring, vulnerability alerts, ongoing configuration fixes, and fast resolutions to always ensure a secure environment. The AllCloud security team works directly with Morphisec’s CISO, facilitating a continual evaluation of security gaps and opportunities for improvements.

As part of the Engage Pro service, AllCloud works with the Morphisec team on a near-daily basis to optimize AWS performance and costs, and ensure all AWS resources are used as efficiently as possible. Although Morphisec manages FinOps in-house, the AllCloud team has detected many cost optimization opportunities and saved the company significant amounts of money.

In addition to receiving the most advanced, up-to-date approach to cloud security and savings on AWS costs, Morphisec benefits from AllCloud’s deep AWS knowledge and professionalism, available 24/7 ‘on tap’. This enables fast and efficient AWS issue resolutions, allowing Morphisec’s in-house team to focus on their product rather than their cloud infrastructure.


  • Morphisec’s enhanced SLA ensures significantly faster incident response and resolution than before.
  • AllCloud Engage Pro provides Morphisec with 24/7 security monitoring and alerts, managing security issues in real-time, for the best possible cloud security.
  • Morphisec benefits from AllCloud’s comprehensive view of AWS expenses for enhanced cost optimization.
  • Leveraging AllCloud partners such as Datadog, Spot by NetApp, and more, Morphisec is exposed to new, advanced products to better optimize and manage the AWS environment and increase cost savings.
  • Spot by NetApp purchased Reserved Instances for Morphisec for three years, promising a significant discount compared to on-demand instances. When Morphisec no longer requires that instance, will sell it for them via the AWS Marketplace.
  • AllCloud recommended Morphisec move from a GP2 type of EBS storage to a GP3 type, lowering costs by 20%.
  • There are plans to move all Morphisec’s Windows-based instances to Linux-based instances. As Windows is far more expensive on AWS, this will be a significant cost saver.

“In our transition from on-prem to cloud infrastructure, AllCloud has been the most professional and knowledgeable partner we could have asked for. The up-to-date AWS capabilities of the AllCloud team, available 24/7 via the self-service Engage Pro platform, have enabled us to modernize and scale our SaaS business in ways that would have been impossible with our in-house team. At the same time, we’ve maximized our security and cost efficiency, giving us the edge to deliver the highest level of security and service to our customers.” Roi Vaknin, VP Engineering, Morphisec