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Mission Innovate Improves Agility by Introducing a SaaS Product Offering with AWS and AllCloud

Mission Innovate (a joint venture between Mission Multiplier and All Points) provides cybersecurity solutions to both commercial companies and Federal government Departments and Agencies – with a focus on developing innovative cybersecurity solutions. The Mission Innovate joint venture was formed in 2017 with the goal of merging the novel cybersecurity capabilities of Mission Multiplier, a fast-growing small business, with the established information technology (IT) capabilities of All Points, a large business. The two companies collaborated to create a one-of-a-kind Cybersecurity Continuous Monitoring and Cyber Risk Management solution – MARS Suite.

MARS Suite leverages legacy infrastructure and tools, delivers comprehensive real-time situational awareness, manages cyber incidents, provides asset visibility, combats dynamic threats, and mitigates IT vulnerabilities. MARS Suite is NSA National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) tested and also certified for operational use on the Approved Products List by the Department of Defense – Tracking Number 1832002.

MARS Suite enables organizations to combat potential threats and adversaries by ingesting data from disparate IT sensors and scanners, tracking asset criticality, and cross-referencing and summarizing cyber incident and event data to help showcase an organization’s cyber risk posture. Additionally, MARS Suite data is organized and prioritized in an intuitive manner with data visualization and analysis tools specifically designed to provide situational awareness for leadership and actionable intelligence for operators and analysts.

The Challenge

For nearly a decade, both the Mission Multiplier and All Points organizations have provided a set of on- premise IT and cybersecurity solutions for its clients. However, they recently recognized the efficiencies gleaned from bringing their solutions to a cloud environment to deliver a better experience, increase agility, and ensure that they could continue to meet the stringent requirements set forth by the government agencies they serve.

After making the decision to transition to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings, Mission Innovate landed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the best cloud provider to meet their cloud computing needs. The team also quickly recognized the value of securing a proven partner to help them navigate setting up an AWS cloud environment – a partner organization who could help them better understand the appropriate architectural choices, cloud-native applications, and overall lessons learned and industry best practices for how to develop and implement a successful cloud offering and SaaS solution. For this partner, Mission Innovate chose AllCloud.

The Solution

Mission Innovate decided that AllCloud’s deep AWS experience and leadership in the areas of migration, architectural design and security would make them an ideal partner to help the team better understand AWS, including the available native applications and how they work, especially as it relates to specific government compliance standards.

From there, the team got straight to work with AllCloud to stand up AWS and develop a sound architecture focused on exponential growth. To start, AllCloud conducted a two-day SaaS workshop to educate the team on the benefits of migrating to the cloud and help them understand what to plan for the migration from both a business and a technical standpoint. As part of the workshop, AllCloud reviewed their current state architecture to make recommendations for what their future state architecture should look like. The team also took an innovative approach, working backwards from the company’s customer base to define the experience they wanted their “tenants” to have. The AllCloud team then defined the concept of the tenant experience and architecture concept of operations, which became the baseline for all architectural decisions moving forward. This analysis not only gave AllCloud and the Mission Innovate deep insight into how to configure AWS in a way that would create the strongest possible foundation for the team to transition their products to a SaaS model, but it also accounted for security and compliance needs – both critical factors as the MARS Suite solution is a cybersecurity tool that focuses on the government and defense industrial base market.

AllCloud also helped Mission Multiplier understand how to effectively price their new SaaS offering based on the cloud concept of per tenant costs, a scenario that can be difficult and time consuming. AllCloud proactively worked with Mission Innovate to gain an understanding of how much it would cost the organization to provide each service to clients and then determine how much to charge based on data through-put analysis. This type of per tenant pricing proved to be a big benefit of moving to the cloud, as it provides Mission Innovate’s clients more flexibility to scale on demand and allows the organization to maximize profitability based on a deeper understanding of costs.

The Result

Overall, working with AllCloud has enabled Mission Innovate to successfully make the move to the cloud with AWS. In turn, this work has positioned the organization to take advantage of the benefits of cloud services like lowering operational costs, improving go-to-market strategies and increasing overall agility to respond to the fast-moving cybersecurity marketplace.

The ability to offer SaaS (versus on premise) solutions has allowed Mission Innovate to embrace more modern, scalable delivery practices. This leads to benefits from the perspective of both the organization and its clients:

• Organization – The team can now operate more efficiently as they build new products and improve existing ones, and do so at a lower cost. Additionally, with AllCloud’s help, Mission Innovate was introduced to a tailored architectural design that allows for rapid growth by automating the onboarding of new tenants.

• Clients – Mission Innovate can now provide a more nimble and tailored overall customer experience, for example by offering on-demand pricing and providing its software as a service rather than having to implement a solution solely on premise.

As noted by Mission Innovates leadership, combined with the exponential growth of its MARS Suite product, AllCloud was instrumental in helping the organization increase its revenue stream by over 1000%. AllCloud’s unparalleled level of subject matter expertise in the AWS environment, along with their enduring collaboration, partnership, and engaging communication was the foundational driver for Mission Innovate’s success, and continued success. Mission Innovate plans to continue its partnership with AllCloud as it further expands its cloud adoption and transitions more of its product offerings from on premise to a SaaS model.

If you are interested in learning more about Mission Innovate’s MARS Suite solution, please visit www.marssuite.com.