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About Kenes Group

For over six decades, Kenes Group has established itself as the leading Professional Congress Organizer (PCO) for organizing conferences and managing medical associations, with a focus on medical and scientific conventions. Kenes Group, an accredited PCO in this unique field, has built a rich customer database that includes some of the world’s most prestigious organizations and associations, as well as hundreds of long-term client relationships.

Kenes’ team is made up of professionals and experts from all over the world. The combination of global expertise and local knowledge enables Kenes to provide its clients with a tailored service. The company has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor, exhibiting the highest professionalism in the industry.

The Challenge

Prior to implementing the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Kenes faced numerous technological challenges. Kenes managed its work environment through several separate systems: an internal registration system they developed, an ERP system for financial management and invoicing, a system for case management (Salesforce Service Cloud), and a system for marketing management.
Kenes encountered several challenges that required solutions:

  • The database and automation systems did not interact optimally, resulting in duplicate data management and entry, as well as disorganized data
  • Synchronizing data between systems required significant human and financial resources, hindering ongoing monitoring and control
  • There was a significant difficulty in creating customized marketing journeys for customers and deriving insights from the available data to efficiently leverage Kenes’ entire product and service offerings
  • Data collection and obtaining a 360-degree view of customers were challenging to impossible, preventing the ability to offer relevant and complementary products and conferences for continued growth and expansion of both the customer base and the organization itself

The Solution

Kenes used the Salesforce Service Cloud for various purposes, but for marketing, they used a different system. As the company grew, the current marketing system did not meet their needs, and its service periods and commitments were ending. Kenes began searching for and evaluating alternatives. The goal was to transition to a suitable system that easily integrates and synchronizes with the Salesforce Service Cloud already in use, while leveraging existing data. Kenes had a vast data pool of over a million records. It was clear that the process would be complex, and multiple solutions and implementation partners were considered.

After a thorough assessment of Kenes’ needs against the system’s capabilities and the existing use of Salesforce, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution was chosen as it addressed the needs and provided the required capabilities:

  • Proper data management
  • Creation of personalized customers’ marketing journeys
  • Obtaining a 360-degree customer view for real-time business insights
  • The ability to profitably leverage all of Kenes’ products and services in a comprehensive and efficient manner

After examining several implementation partners, Kenes chose the professional team of Allcloud to implement the selected solution – Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The implementation process was structured and included:

  • In-depth meetings to identify needs
  • Deep understanding of all processes, particularly marketing processes
  • Mapping of the different required customer journeys
  • Mapping of data and its location
  • Transfer of domain and data from the previous marketing system to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud system

The Results 

Today, Kenes Group manages all customer journeys, data, and records within the Salesforce system. Kenes experiences a significant improvement in various processes involved in managing organizational data for marketing purposes, resulting in substantial savings in time, money, and human resources.

  • Information is always available and accessible, and retrieval for a variety of purposes is simple and quick
  • A more organized process of data entry and management is evident
  • There is a significant reduction in duplications, leading to more efficient and faster database building
  • Building customer journeys and marketing campaigns for various conferences has become more efficient and straightforward.

The Future

Kenes regards Salesforce as an organizational core system and aims to implement new Salesforce capabilities, including advanced AI capabilities for dynamic content deployment and media and data interfaces. The goal is to maximize the system’s usage for organizational efficiency, maintain a competitive advantage, and foster long-term growth. AllCloud is the partner for this journey and will continue collaborating, assisting, and supporting Kenes in implementing additional processes and applications.

“We evaluated several alternatives before deciding to switch to Salesforce and work with AllCloud. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides a suitable solution for our needs. Working with AllCloud was successful, with a professional and available consultant. AllCloud’s experts demonstrate a high level of professionalism throughout the process, from the initial advisory stage before implementation to the deployment and integration phases. When there is uncertainty about a component, the team thoroughly investigates it until there is complete confidence in its implementation. When escalation becomes necessary, the team demonstrates availability and willingness. “We also receive guidance on streamlining additional processes.” 

Tal Shuah Strelets
Marketing Automation Team Leader