Case Studies

Secure Migration of SaaS Offering from On-premises to AWS

About customer:

Hotellistat is a software and consulting company that offers an all-in-one market and big data analytics SaaS for hotels, the hospitality industry and their markets, starting from simple price charts up to complex positioning analytics in the fields: pricing, business intelligence, reputation, social media, and web & e-commerce. Hotellistat was founded in September 2016 by hoteliers for hoteliers. Their goal is to facilitate the system landscape and control digitalization in regards to the hotel market.


Hotellistat started its business with an on-premises solution, which was hosted at a local data center. They were hosting one Apache Server (PHP / MySQL), quad-core processors, 32 GB RAM, 3TB HDD, with approximately 2.5 billion data sets.


Due to expected growth from one customer to hundreds of customers in the span of a year, Hotellistat needed to provide faster access and performance for its customers. As growth kicked in, the demand for a more flexible and scalable solution became greater and greater.


AllCloud and Hotellistat mutually developed the appropriate multi-tenant architecture, that was secured and GDPR ready, based on AWS design best practices. Because security played such a big role in Hotellistat’s migration AllCloud decided to implement its AWS Enterprise Landing Zone which is a framework based on proven best practices and includes cutting edge technologies for networking, Identity and Access Management (IAM), microservices, account governance, performance, and cost optimization. The common goal was to make the customer self-sufficient and proficient in key concepts that were applied as part of the Landing Zone framework like Transit VPC, application VPC isolation, Infrastructure as Code, Zero Trust Privilege, etc. A migration plan from the local data center to AWS was set into place and AllCloud provided the professional services to set up and implement an end-to-end baseline security plan that focused on IAM, single sign-on, traffic filtering, data encryption and secure remote access for employees.  The complete migration, from design and scoping the use case, through build phases and all the way into production took AllCloud only 20 working days.


Hotellistat is a software and consulting company in the area of hospitality. It helps hotels and other accommodation providers to optimize their offering through big data analytics. Within 20 days AllCloud successfully set up their cloud migration plan, defined the right auto-scalable and secure architecture, deployed the new workload on AWS and finished the project with a proper handover, leaving Hotellistat with the tools they need to manage their new SaaS offering on the cloud.