Case Studies

GermanPersonnel Creates a SaaS Platform From Scratch, Leveraging AllCloud’s Expertise for a Smooth Migration

About GermanPersonnel

GermanPersonnel was founded in 2002 and is a leader in recruitment software solutions. The company promises a simplified and automated recruitment process from the point of job posting creation and publication, through to the management of the application itself, including candidate selection. With more than 100 employees, GermanPersonnel serves both small and medium-sized companies, using its innovative PERSY software to handle recruitment from end-to-end


GermanPersonnel wanted to diversify its on-premises infrastructure and build out an AWS SaaS solution for its core software product from scratch, in response to market demand. AllCloud supported the company in planning a phased roadmap for success, starting with “lift and shift,” and working towards creating new processes and services using Kubernetes. Throughout the project, AllCloud focussed on the customer’s key goals. These ranged from flexibility and the ability to scale, to GDPR-compliant data protection and the secure management of the company’s highly-sensitive personal data, as well as the ability to manage the platform moving forward with self-sufficiency. 


GermanPersonnel was looking to stay competitive. This meant embracing digital transformation and the benefits of cloud infrastructure on AWS and developing its core software solution as a SaaS offeringGermanPersonnel had broad goals to migrate its infrastructure to the cloud in a phased approach. First, they planned to leverage what they could via lift and shift, and then move towards a more future-focused approach utilizing microservices and KubernetesHowever, they wanted to ensure this was done properly and with the ability to scale to their long term goals. GermanPersonnel had several important considerations, including  flexibility, data privacy and compliance, as well as security and internal governance.


GermanPersonnel started AllCloud´s engagement by utilizing AllCloud´s AWS co-sponsored Accelerator Package. The outcome of the accelerator led to a full migration of the software solution to generate a SaaS-offering. 

AllCloud structured the migration into the following phases:

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4
Lift, Tinker
and Shift
Environment in-use
Rightsizing and
Containerizing with


The first phase included the migration of PERSY, GermanPersonnel’s proprietary software, including setting up the Dev/Staging environment using AllCloud’s Landing Zone, and integrating their existing BI tool that was running on Microsoft Azure. AllCloud’s AWS Landing Zone is an enterprise-grade cloud operations technology and series of methodologies used by organizations to securely adopt, implement and operate their AWS environments at scale. AllCloud then developed a customized design of the future infrastructure, based on a built-in best practice Terraform template. This meant that it would be flexible and easy to maintain with a very high-security posture of the application environments. This would also keep data privacy and safeguarding in mind, especially in regards to GDPR considerations.

Why Landing Zone Was the Right Approach

When handling the initial cloud migration, AllCloud uses Landing Zone specifically because of its flexible framework. Organizations like GermanPersonnel are able to pick and choose a baseline to start from, using its flexibility to get exactly what they need out of the platform. For small companies especially, this allows them to scale quickly, leaving employees more time to focus on core business value, and letting the infrastructure run securely and seamlessly in the background. At the same time, Landing Zone can serve any enterprise’s needs, providing the security and compliance standards they need with the ultimate space for growth within the framework.

“Thanks to AllCloud’s support we were able to embrace the digital transformation of our services and gain an important edge in a very competitive market environment. The migration of PERSY – GermanPersonnel’s innovative recruitment solution – to a highly flexible and scalable AWS environment, enables us to provide an attractive SaaS solution while making sure that all highly sensitive personal data is handled appropriately in the most secure way”, says Jürgen Postertz, Head of Development.