Case Studies

Fraugster Strengthens Compliance, Increases Efficiency with AllCloud and AWS

About Fraugster

Fraugster provides the most precise anti-fraud solution for e-commerce businesses. Founded in 2014 with the vision to create a fraud-free world in which no one has to worry about managing risk, Fraugster invented an artificial intelligence technology that combines human-like accuracy with machine scalability to foresee fraudulent transactions before they actually happen. Today, Fraugster’s technology is used and trusted by leading international payment companies.

The Challenge

As an international company that handles payment information, Fraugster must always stay ahead of changing regulations to maintain compliance. Recently, this situation presented an issue for Fraugster’s physical data centres.

Fraugtser had always built and operated its technology through physical data centres, but this setup began to create challenges for continuing to grow and mature the business in compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS). To overcome this challenge, Fraugster decided to move its development environments to the cloud.

The Solution

After making the decision to move to the cloud, the Fraugster DevOps team took the lead and began to evaluate their options. Ultimately, the team landed on Amazon Web Services, but they received a mandate that the final design for their environment should be cloud agnostic to provide flexibility to operate within any cloud environment as needed.

The Fraugster team quickly realised they did not have any resources with the right AWS experience and decided to enlist the help of a partner who could provide advice on how to execute a smooth migration. Specifically, they were looking for a partner with experience in AWS who could provide guidance on architecture design and planning, automation and deployment using Kubernetes.

This search led the Fraugster team to AllCloud, an AWS Premier Partner. Fraugster found significant value in AllCloud’s Accelerator Programme, which would deliver the design, planning and deployment guidance the team needed. The programme kicked off with a discovery session during which the AllCloud team spoke with Fraugster about key requirements and objectives for both the migration and the system design. Based on that discovery, AllCloud delivered an extensive list of recommendations covering everything from best practices and design suggestions to code templates. The Fraugster team then used the recommendations from AllCloud as the basis for its cloud migration. Fraugster points to AllCloud’s architectural design of security layouts for different environments as particularly valuable to its end solution.

Beyond the Accelerator Programme, Fraugster also worked with AllCloud to gain access to CloudHealth, a third party optimisation tool that AllCloud offers for free to customers. This tool allows companies to analyse and manage cloud usage, security and governance in one place and comes backed by expert support from AllCloud to maximise the value of the CloudHealth tool alongside the overall cloud programme.

The Result

Throughout the cloud migration, the Fraugster team had to overcome significant scepticism internally about moving to the cloud. However, Fraugster allayed these concerns thanks to the support of the AllCloud team, particularly around best practices for designing a secure cloud environment. With these concerns gone, Fraugster has now moved all of its development environments to the cloud and fully powered off one of its physical data centres.

This move has not only helped Fraugster meet evolving regulations, but it has also increased efficiency of development and allowed for increased innovation. Previously, engineers who wanted to set up new environments for development or testing were limited by what was available within Fraugster’s physical data centres, but now that they operate in a cloud environment, the sky’s the limit as far as what’s possible.