The leader in GTMSec leverages AllCloud AWS expertise to scale fast and support rapid growth

About CHEQ

CHEQ is the world’s premier provider of security for Go-to-Market organizations, helping them protect their business from Invalid Traffic. Serving over 12,000 clients worldwide, including leading marketing companies, CHEQ’s under-the-hood capability to identify invalid users and remove invalid traffic provides an efficient and reliable cybersecurity solution of choice. 

CHEQ is scaling rapidly, leading the growth of Go-to-Market security (GTMSec), one of today’s fastest-growing tech categories.


CHEQ is undergoing fast growth, and was searching for a managed services solution to support expanding cloud operations and reliable product delivery to its customer base. CHEQ initially engaged AllCloud for the provision of managed services for Cloud operations, however, the collaboration soon expanded to additional areas, including security, Cost Optimization, development and more. By engaging AllCloud’s team of cloud experts, CHEQ was able to demonstrate the agility to scale fast and ramp up business within days, without being held back by the slow and cumbersome process of building in-house cloud computing teams. In AllCloud Managed Services, CHEQ found the ideal partner to grow their business while ensuring very high ROI for their AllCloud investment.


As a SaaS company undergoing extremely rapid growth, CHEQ was looking for a managed services provider for its security and cloud operations, in order to support scale in the most effective and cost-efficient way. The company required high-level cloud monitoring and management with 24/7 reliable uptime for CHEQ’s customers. 

Hiring sophisticated talent with the necessary cloud skillset to support rapid scale is an arduous and time-consuming process. CHEQ was seeking Cloud professionals and DevOps on-demand to grow their capabilities and hit the ground running with everything surrounding product development and delivery. 


AllCloud was initially tasked with providing Cloud Ops services via its managed services team. Over time, CHEQ’s engagement with AllCloud grew to encompass four critical pillars:

  1. AllCloud Engage – Health Monitoring, Application Delivery, Security Management and Infrastructure Operations: AllCloud’s team provided the necessary monitoring and support enabling CHEQ to be in control of its cloud environment at all times, with timely alerts to ensure rapid resolution of issues as they arise. The AllCloud DevOps team established pipelines for CI/CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment), supporting software delivery to CHEQ customers at scale. 
  2. Cost Optimization: Throughout the engagement, AllCloud conducted monthly meetings with the CHEQ team about cost optimization of the cloud environment, providing eye-opening and actionable items to assist with ongoing control of their AWS budget.
  3. Access to AllCloud Partners: Via AllCloud partnerships with leading support and service providers, such as OneLogin and Check Point CloudGaurd, CHEQ was able to benefit from a rich array of value-added cloud-native tools to reduce AWS costs, boost security, and support the day-to-day robustness of the cloud environment. 
  4. Outsourcing to the AllCloud team: By accessing AllCloud’s expert and on-demand DevOps, SecOps, Project Management & CloudOps teams, CHEQ was able to scale rapidly, without having to spend time and resources on recruitment of in-house staff. This enabled a high level of agility and flexibility to meet the dynamic needs to grow and deliver as a business.


The initial scope of CHEQ’s engagement with AllCloud was the provision of cloud management and monitoring support, however it was soon taken to the next level with a much broader collaboration. 

CHEQ is undergoing tremendous growth. Its R&D team doubled in size last year, with similar growth expected in the coming year. By outsourcing to AllCloud, CHEQ gained instant access to a full array of expert, efficient AWS managed services. This approach enabled CHEQ to ramp up immediately and start scaling within days, rather than weeks or months necessary in the typical drawn-out recruitment and training process of building and expanding an in-house team. 

AllCloud was an essential part of CHEQ’s scaling story. With its fast and efficient results, the AllCloud engagement delivered a very high ROI for CHEQ, empowering the growing company with the cloud capabilities to support even further scale in the future.

“Partnering with AllCloud is significant in supporting CHEQ’s hyper-growth. As we continue to rapidly grow and extend our team and product portfolio, we look to professional experts who can onboard quickly and bring value fast. AllCloud fills this role perfectly. AllCloud’s highly professional teams engage with us to manage our AWS infrastructure, security, monitoring, and even cost optimization. The ROI is impactful and enables us to focus on our core business growth.”Sharon Uda, VP R&D, CHEQ

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