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Israel’s Leading National Bank Turns to AllCloud to Centralize and Streamline its EKS Management

About Bank Leumi

Bank Leumi is a leading, veteran bank in Israel, providing a wide range of financial services to private individuals, businesses, and institutions, including banking, investment, and asset management services. The bank has a strong national presence, with over 250 branches across Israel, as well as operating in several international markets. Bank Leumi is renowned for its advanced technological capabilities and innovative financial products and services, and is consistently ranked among the top financial institutions in Israel. In 2020, Bank Leumi was named Bank of the Year in Israel by The Banker magazine.


Bank Leumi, Israel’s leading national bank, encompasses multiple departments and a sophisticated infrastructure of Amazon EKS containers. The efficiency and agility of the bank’s cloud-based services were compromised due to inconsistencies in the deployment, management, and maintenance of container environments, resulting in suboptimal performance. Acting upon the recommendation of AllCloud, Bank Leumi adopted the EKS solution offered within the AllCloud Solutions Factory which provided a consistent blueprint-based approach for the rapid and seamless deployment of Kubernetes-based applications in the cloud. Following a highly successful initial deployment, Bank Leumi now has a centralized and synchronized process across all of the bank’s departments and is in the process of implementing the EKS solution throughout the entire organization, with the support of the expert AllCloud team.


When Bank Leumi first migrated to AWS, Amazon EKS was chosen as its microservices platform. After experimenting with private EKS clusters, and manually deploying a multi-account configuration with numerous dependencies, the need for automation processes became apparent. However, every automation that was built manually had to be continually improved, and many aspects had to be configured and optimized after going live.

Complicating matters further, Bank Leumi operates across numerous departments, each managing its EKS system independently. This lack of standardization and synchronization in EKS containerization management proved challenging, hindering the timely and efficient maintenance and updates of EKS clusters.


As part of the Solutions Factory, AllCloud offers the EKS-based Environment-as-a-Service blueprint, an automated, standardized method for deploying and managing containerized applications in Kubernetes. The cloud admin defines how the cluster should look, while the automated solution does all the work in the background, shortening development time and enabling a centralized, streamlined process. The AllCloud team recommended that Bank Leumi deploy the EKS solution, and benefit from the ready-made infrastructure and automation components.

Implementing the EKS solution began with a pilot deployment in a testing environment to check its viability for several of the bank’s applications. Bank developers tried accessing the system, and following the validation of the solution, the bank moved to production, replacing all the bank’s original container setup with AllCloud’s method for EKS automation.

Maintenance has also been far easier with AllCloud. With just a few clicks from the Service Catalog, the bank can upgrade the EKS in their dev or prod environment to the latest version, and gain access to security patches and new plugins and features in minutes.

The EKS blueprint solution was implemented by Bank Leumi at an organization-wide level, supporting cloud-based core services that demand microservice topology.

The project exemplified a true partnership between Bank Leumi and AllCloud. The teams collaborated closely to implement the EKS solution in a live environment, witnessing its transition into production, enabling them to optimize and actualize its potential in real time.


Before adopting AllCloud’s EKS solution, each bank department employed its own automation method. Upgrading the system was challenging due to the lack of a standardized approach, as each cluster had different deployment methods. Today, the EKS clusters are unified across departments, featuring streamlined and synchronized processes. Ready-to-deploy solutions alleviate the burden of maintenance and updates, facilitating the creation of new EKS clusters with significantly reduced effort and investment.

Bank Leumi is experiencing significant gains through AllCloud’s streamlined one-click installation via the cloud-based Service Catalog. This approach facilitates swift and straightforward deployment and management of EKS clusters across the organization. With the solution rooted in best practices, the bank enjoys automated control and ongoing updates from AllCloud, gleaned from real-world implementation and results that have contributed seamlessly to Bank Leumi’s ongoing success.

From pilot deployment to live production, Bank Leumi consistently relied on AllCloud for high-quality solutions and professional services. As a leading enterprise leveraging cloud technology within the Israeli banking industry, Bank Leumi, with AllCloud’s assistance, has transformed EKS into a key driver for the business. AllCloud remains committed to elevating the standards for Amazon EKS and working collaboratively with Bank Leumi to advance EKS cluster management and maintenance.

“AllCloud’s EKS blueprint for cluster deployment integrates all cloud operational components with a simple click, ensuring fast delivery of the EKS solution without manual interference in the infrastructure layer. The clusters are swiftly made ready for application deployment and managed centrally and efficiently. This transformative approach has been a game changer for Bank Leumi’s Kubernetes management and maintenance, and we eagerly anticipate further collaboration with AllCloud to further enhance our EKS efficiency.”Elad Palombo, Cloud Solution Engineer, Bank Leumi