German Used Car Portal, AUTO1 Group, Successfully Migrates to AWS with No Downtime


AUTO1 Group is Europe’s leading used-car marketplace with its own certified and diversified inventory.

As a brand independent automotive platform, AUTO1 is aimed primarily at the used car trade. By connecting buyers and sellers through technology, the company enables consumers as well as dealers to trade seamlessly. Founded in 2012, the company is empowering its consumers and dealers with liquidity, more business and first class supply. Sourcing from all channels including OEMs and dealerships. AUTO1 Group owns business units like, or AUTO1 Group operates in almost 30 countries and continues to expand rapidly.


AUTO1 was undergoing IT migration from Linode to AWS. The migration was a gradual one where data consistency and a working rollback plan had to be ensured at all times during the migration. The main goals were to:

Perform a review of different VPC setups and inter-region and inter-account connectivity
Review the required migration steps for the main MySQL databases, to ensure minimal downtime for the business


As part of production MySQL migration, AllCloud created a PoC lab environment to test the validity of the selected method. AllCloud able to identify different potential pitfalls in the setup and we were able to select alternative routes in our migration plan.

So with the help of AllCloud’s expertise, AUTO1 were able to successfully complete their migration on time.