Metro Motor

Case Studies

“For any business, a CRM platform is the guiding compass for sales growth and scale. It is essential for managing marketing and sales data, allowing the business to effectively navigate towards its goals.” That’s according to Nevo Sharabi, Chief Technology Officer at Metro Motor Ltd, Israel’s leading transport company for sales of motorcycles, scooters, recreational vehicles and off-road vehicles from the world’s leading brands. Metro Motor also markets a wide variety of auto vehicles and electric cars.

“This is not your typical sale.”

In May 2022, Metro Motor chose to implement the Salesforce system. This was part of a strategic move to manage all of the company’s core activities intelligently and effectively, and to simplify sales processes internally and for end customers. The project went live at the beginning of 2023 and today Metro manages all sales operations and processes with Salesforce. Integration of Salesforce for service management is currently underway, while continually adapting and improving the system in response to the challenges that characterize the dynamic automotive market.

“Vehicles are not a simple sale, like an off-the-shelf product or service. There are several stages, including pre- and after-sale processes, as well as compliance with regulatory requirements. The sale is an ongoing process and demands continued communication and assistance to the customer over time,” says Nevo. “There is significance in getting to know the customer’s needs and the experience they are searching for. The customer may be interested in several types of vehicles in one transaction (ie. SUVs, scooters, ATVs), and should be taken care of until they receive the comprehensive response they expect and want.”

From “multiple Excel sheets” to a holistic view

When did it become apparent that Metro Motor needed a new system?
“We worked previously with another system, which did not match our requirements and was implemented in an inefficient way. Our team had no choice but to drag themselves back to Excel. The tools were limited, making it difficult to manage and monitor sales leads. We decided to change direction, and embark on a strategic move that would yield true business results.”

Nevo further explains that in the past, the user experience was very cumbersome, especially for the sales agents and marketing staff who were required to retrieve data. “Using Excel to try and figure out what was going on was very inefficient. The data was not accessible, and it didn’t put the customer at the center where they should be. There was no flexibility. This inevitably led to problems, and we needed external help from experts to solve them.”

How did you arrive at the decision to go with Salesforce?
“We tested several systems recommended by AllCloud, including Salesforce. However, after we understood the advantages, and with the approval of Tomer Komarov, Metro Motor’s CEO, we decided to go with Salesforce. The fact that Carasso Group, which owns a third of Metro’s shares, also works with Salesforce (and implemented it in collaboration with AllCloud), provided additional points in favor of making the move. Metro Motor wanted to work with a system that supports development, growth and long-term vision – this is exactly what Salesforce offers.”

Today, the entire sales operation at Metro Motor happens in Salesforce. As part of the project, interface with the corporate ERP system, which is based on SAP SBO, was carried out. The customer journey was defined, from lead creation to completing the contact form on the website, choosing from the product catalog, uploading files, creating an order and submitting a digital signature. In the order summary, the data is updated in Salesforce and transmitted directly to SAP, and the customer is sent a summary email with the signed forms. In addition, Metro Motor’s external distributors can synchronize with the system and each distributor has a personal zone, where they can fully and independently manage the sales process.

As Nevo points out, the omnichannel approach connects all the different customer channels, including phone calls. Thanks to Salesforce’s capability to collect, manage and share data across channels, an improvement in results is already evident.

“The AllCloud team is very talented and professional, and it is a pleasure to work with them,” adds Nevo. “The system is working efficiently, while constantly improving. We receive ongoing guidance in Salesforce based on best practices and AllCloud’s past experience with similar systems. We have come a long way, and we have a clear road map for the future, including expansion to the areas of service and support.”

Yossi Shasha, SVP Applications EMEA at AllCloud, says that the aim of the Salesforce implementation was to enable Metro Motor to leverage their business processes and all the data across various systems in the organization. The planning and implementation process demanded a thorough understanding of the client and their unique business environment. Metro Motor operates in a very competitive market where customers are looking for a holistic sales experience, starting from the earliest stage of initial interest as a buyer.

“The ‘customers’ of the Salesforce system are in fact Metro’s sales team. As soon as the users understand the value that Salesforce offers, how it integrates with the sales process and leverages automation to overcome obstacles, they are happy to adopt the system. In addition, Salesforce enables sales staff to continually collect data and convert it into valuable business insights, which is vitally important to achieve their sales goals.”

“With the integration of all systems in the organization under one Salesforce umbrella, the whole is now greater than the sum of its parts. Metro Motor has become a data-oriented business, supporting a comprehensive customer experience and significant organizational growth.”

Metro’s vision – open to the world
Nevo noted that the vision for Metro Motor is a 360-degree customer experience:

“The goal is to integrate all processes into one corporate website for sales and service of vehicles, accessories, spare parts and customer information. Metro is currently building a new website that will connect to Salesforce, together with other customer-interface systems. Our ambition is to extract greater value from data over time, alongside compliance with information security and regulatory conditions.”

“When a customer makes contact (whether on social media or other digital channels), we will know how to provide a clear, correct and consistent response, quickly and easily. No less importantly, it will be documented in a simple and efficient way. This will be organization-wide, so that all teams have visibility about the customer conversation, what is required to close a deal and provide better customer service. Metro Motor is currently moving ahead with Salesforce implementation for the service operations, where the goal is to provide complete transparency for the entire customer experience.”

“In the future, Salesforce will be the core system at Metro Motor. We’ve come far, and there are still more applications in the pipeline. We know that the AllCloud experts will continue to work with us to help realize the vision and implement it.”