Zoko Transforms its Business Processes and Sees Significant Rise in Sales with AllCloud’s Guidance

Zoko Enterprises is Israel’s leading and most influential group in importing, marketing and selling of equipment, spare parts, and project development, providing advanced services in the fields of infrastructure, transportation, energy, water, industry and automotive. The company is the official reseller of Caterpillar in Israel.  

Before implementing Salesforce with AllCloud, Zoko was focused on sales alone. The company had serious gaps, it was missing essential customer data, had no marketing tools, zero management at the client level, and very few ways to engage with the customer and build a relationship.

AllCloud supported Zoko in onboarding a CRM for the first time, creating a department responsible for leads-funnel, customer engagement and more. Within 8 months, Zoko had 200 Salesforce users, a standardized process for data-driven decision making, and the potential for innovative cloud-based feature development in the future. The company has seen the effect of marketing and improved processes directly on their own bottom line.

“Before AllCloud, we were entirely Sales-focused. Today, most of our resources focus on creating qualified leads and nurturing the right people to sell to.”


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Osnat Levy

VP Customer Success

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