What should I do about my End-of-life Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server 2008 systems?

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We have known this was coming for a while and now it is finally here, this month Microsoft has officially discontinued its support for both Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 and ended its extended support for SQL Server 2008 mid-2019. This is the perfect opportunity for Microsoft customers to migrate their servers and database management systems to the cloud, and start realizing increased value around performance, security and cost, and not to mention innovation and fully managed services. 

What does the end-of-support mean?

It means that there will no longer be updates, including security updates, made to the systems, as well as no technical support to assist customers when there is an issue. The longer a customer continues to use these unsupported systems, the longer their infrastructure and applications go unprotected and risk possible non-compliance. 

How do I migrate my Windows Server and SQL Server to the cloud?

Migrating a server or database sounds cumbersome and even a little scary to most but there are cloud solutions available to alleviate the heavy lifting. AllCloud is here to help organizations migrate their end-of-life servers and database management systems to AWS, the most popular, secure, and reliable cloud for Windows. AllCloud has created an accelerator to help organizations migrate from their end-of-life Microsoft software to AWS in order to gain greater security, realize cost benefits and further modernize their IT systems.

The accelerator, entitled “Migrate to Innovate,” is a discovery workshop led by AllCloud to assess an organization’s IT needs and identify the areas best fit for utilizing the cloud.

AllCloud assists organizations to find and deploy the best solution for their business needs. We will help customers upgrade their Windows Server 2008 to a new OS version, Open Source, or .Net core and run it on Amazon EC2, the most secure and scalable cloud compute service. 

If an organization is running a Windows SQL Server, we offer a wide range of solutions utilizing Amazon DMS to find the right cloud database solution for the business’s needs. We recommend updating to the latest Windows OS version and migrating to Amazon Aurora for a fully managed, cost-effective and scalable relational database service. AWS will even help customers manage their Windows licensing.


Future-proof your legacy systems today!

Get in touch to learn more about AllCloud’s “Innovate to Migrate” accelerator program.

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