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Like most positive journeys in life, the career path that has led me to becoming CEO of AllCloud has been varied, enlightening and at times complicated. I come from the world of enterprise, working with the likes of Visa Cal and Partner. As I reached a crossroads in my career, I decided to transition and move ‘to the other side’.

Having been a client of cloud services, and having gone through the somewhat worrisome (to say the least) cloud journey myself, today I am leveraging what I have learned and experienced by being on the client side, to improve the cloud journey for others. So, here I am at AllCloud – a young, innovative company full of vastly experienced professionals, who are bringing a cutting-edge approach to the dynamic cloud market.

Moving to the cloud is no small feat and I understand your concerns about the transition. Most of us at AllCloud have been where you are today. Implementing a change that will have significant implications across your whole organization is a massive responsibility, and although you probably understand that this new direction will ultimately be beneficial to the organization, you’re still asking yourself a whole bunch of questions… how can we build an architecture that will connect what is going on inside the company with off-site storage in the cloud? How can we guarantee the security of our sensitive data? How can we protect our in-house IT systems from attack? How will we manage IT that is off-site? And financially, how will we account for our cloud infrastructure as an operational expense, as opposed to the capital investment we have been characterizing IT expenditure for years? And perhaps most importantly of all, how will we cope with losing control when nothing is held in-house? But as Werner Vogels, CTO of AWS reiterated, in the era in which we live, “you don’t get points for using servers, you get points for serving users”.

And so, as with any change, a psychological shift is needed to overcome the fear of the unknown. After all, it’s easier to stick with what is familiar and understood, than to move towards the unknown and thereby seemingly take a risk. But, the key to ensuring a successful transition in business, as in life, is the people supporting you along the way. The team at AllCloud have all the expertise required to make sure that your cloud journey runs smoothly, from start to finish – which is why we are the people you want to have around you during this particular transition.

Amazon, Google and Salesforce are coming out with new and innovative ways of doing things almost daily. We see it as our role to always be on top of the latest technologies and trends, and to deliver to our clients the precise information they require, so as to make their learning curve faster and more effective, while ensuring that you too remain at the cutting edge.

We understand where you are coming from, and we have vast experience of where you’re going. What’s more, we are flexible and agile enough to know that sometimes along the way we need to make changes, and that your evolving needs may make a different route more preferable – when you’re on the cloud a U-turn is easily made.

We’ll show you how moving to the cloud will give you more control, not less. The management tools available on the cloud are more powerful and detailed, so you’ll gain greater control of your IT budget (you only buy and pay for what you need) as well as your data and systems.

Think of the cloud as a supermarket of technologies and services that you can walk through, whether you’re a start-up or an established enterprise, and see everything that’s available. You can pick and choose as much or as little as you require today, because you can always come back tomorrow and purchase some more. The great thing about this ’services supermarket’, is that you can also return anything you no longer have a need for.

It’s daunting, there’s no doubt about it. But the world is moving towards the cloud – it is happening and it’s happening now. You don’t have to go through it alone – we’re here to guide and support you. So, whatever you do, make sure you’re not left behind.


Ronit Rubin
CEO – AllCloud

Ronit Rubin

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