Using Integration and Automation in a Turbulent Period: The Workato Answer

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Creating Certainty in Every Possible Way

In uncertain economic times, businesses are looking to create certainty in every way they can.

Competing forces make this incredibly challenging. Businesses must support their customers and meet their needs, at the same time keeping the business operational and profitable.

For a growing SaaS company or startup, the most important way to support growth, enhance efficiency and reduce costs is with automation and integration of internal and external business processes. 

In fact, according to Garnter, two-thirds of CEOs said that automation is one of the two most important responses to inflation*. There are good reasons why.

More for Less: Optimize Your Workflow Automation 

By increasing automation and the usage of integration tools, companies can improve their digital assets to build long-standing customer relationships, boost customer retention, and drive repeat purchases, even during turbulent times. 

More specifically, automation and integration enhance the customers’ user experiences, building brand loyalty and value in the long term. Not just “nice to have”, automation and integration are crucial both for SaaS and On-Premise platforms ensuring more consistent service, quicker turnaround times, and reduced costs. 

Bottom line: when using integrated automation solutions, companies, and organizations can accomplish more for less, and this is a powerful edge in a competitive and shaky marketplace.

Simple and Seamless Automation 

iPaaS and remote work have dramatically increased the use of apps; on average, businesses use hundreds of apps annually, and the number is rising. The use of hundreds of different apps by various divisions within a company is not unusual.

Workato is one such tool that enables businesses to automate business workflows across cloud and on-premises apps. Featuring a workflow automation platform at the enterprise level, combined with the user-friendliness of consumer apps, Workato users can build workflow automations quickly and easily, and go live in a much shorter time.

The low-code/no-code platform makes it possible for business and IT teams to develop integrations five times more quickly than with conventional integration platforms.

In addition, Workato doesn’t require any configuration or installation and is fully browser supported. The collection of “recipes” – Workato’s name for flows – provides easy-to-follow instructions for automation of complex workflows. Plus, every recipe can be a REST or SOAP endpoint that can be called from other recipes or apps.

Because Workato is a full multi-tenant platform, updates are sent online without any installation or downtime, so the customer can work on a small or very high scale without needing to make changes to IT or DevOps.

Workato Competitive Edge: End-to-End Automation 

There are several automation solutions on the market, but Workato is the solution of choice for any customer, thanks to a unique constellation of features:

  • Workato is a fully cloud-based, browser-based platform. No installation or server are necessary. 
  • Workato is designed as a cross-organizational tool, so teams can create integrations and sync workflows quickly and easily.
  • According to Gartner, Workato is one of the highest-value iPaaS integration platforms. It enables customers to access thousands of out-of-the-box connectors, as well as ready processes from the community. 
  • Out-of-the-box connectors are updated rapidly and seamlessly according to each platform’s global API changes.
  • Unlimited capacity supports scalability to any size and at any rate.
  • It supports fast time to market, thanks to quicker runs, increased agility, lower latency and quick connection to connectors.
  • A huge documentation library, free certification process, active Workato community, and fast response 24/7 chat support enable users to learn Workato quickly and easily.

The Bottom Line: Workato by the Numbers

During a challenging period of inflation and possible recession, Workato offers a powerful bottom-line impact to help businesses navigate treacherous waters. Automation and integration with Workato can save hundreds of thousands of hours of business processes, reducing operational costs by 40%. Businesses can benefit from faster changes and QA processes in microservices environments, increasing productivity and reducing time to market by 63%.

AllCloud + Workato: Your Automation Partners

The AllCloud team has specialist expertise in Workato integration, bringing the benefits of Workato to customers of every size.
Want to discuss the potential of Workato for your organization? Contact AllCloud today.

* Source: 2022 Gartner CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey

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