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Navigating the Cloud confidently starts with expertise. AllCloud’s AWS training empowers your team with the knowledge and skills to unlock the full potential of your Cloud journey. From high-quality, authorized materials to experienced AWS Authorized Instructors, we ensure a tailored learning experience aligned with your business goals. Discover flexible options, expert guidance, and a commitment to your long-term success in the Cloud.

How? Read on! We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about the AllCloud Training Program.

What is the quality of the instruction?
AllCloud’s training ensures high quality with standardized course materials authorized by AWS. These materials, maintained by AWS Training & Certification, are regularly updated to reflect emerging technologies, providing customers with superior, standardized content.

Instructors are AWS Authorized Instructors (AAI), holding at least one AWS certification and undergoing a rigorous certification process. AWS maintains high standards, evaluating not just technical knowledge but also teaching style. Each instructor holds a relevant certification for the course they teach, ensuring expertise alignment.

What are the benefits of the training program for AllCloud and the Customer?
Trained customers are more engaged and empowered. AllCloud’s belief in upfront training on the AWS ecosystem proves beneficial for accurate project deliveries. AllCloud training raises a customer’s technical knowledge, ensuring a successful Cloud migration and collaboration with AllCloud’s engineers.

What are AllCloud’s goals for training?

  1. Raise the level of a customer’s technical knowledge enabling productive collaboration during the migration process.
  2. Remove financial barriers by facilitating AWS MAP funding for training.
  3. Provide continuous upskilling post-course with digital training licenses and certification preparation.
  4. Foster an ongoing relationship where AllCloud is the first stop in answering a company’s training needs.
  5. Help companies fill skills gaps to reduce their employee turnover.

Overview of AWS training through the ATP program
AllCloud, as an AWS Premier Partner, established a training arm within the Amazon Training Partner (ATP) program. Courses are developed by AWS Training & Certification experts, offering live classes with AWS Authorized Instructors. Customers can choose between MAP funded training, included in project costs, or Non-MAP funded training. Courses are an average of 8 hours per day and run as 1, 3, 4 or 5 days long.

How does the customer know which courses to select?
AllCloud recommends customers consider courses by job role, ensuring alignment with project tasks. Starting with “Architecting on AWS” provides a high-level overview, followed by a Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) to identify skills gaps and required courses for success.

What is AllCloud’s approach to training as an ATP?
AllCloud believes that an educated customer is a more successful customer. Training is the cornerstone of engagement, allocating time and AWS-provided funding wisely. Choose courses based on required skill sets and employee roles for successful solution implementation.

What if my customer is interested in training for AWS certification?
AWS ATP courses are designed to prepare employees for practical cloud-based tasks, not certification exams. However, AllCloud offers exam-prep courses specifically tailored to review relevant material, assist with exam-type questions, and cover the exam’s topic structure.

Are certification exams included as part of an ATP course?
Exams are not included as part of the attended course. However, AllCloud can resell payment vouchers included in the price quoted for courses. If your engagement is MAP-funded then vouchers can be subsidized as part of your overall AllCloud engagement. Purchasing a voucher through AllCloud offers certain benefits. First, you have one payment vehicle via Allcloud as opposed to using a company credit card. Second, due to our AWS partnership if issues arise with the exam itself or the testing center AllCloud can represent your case on your behalf.

Is there continuing education post-course?
AllCloud offers approximately 40+ courses through its ATP offering. We also offer non-AWS courses such as Terraform and a Deep Dive into Kubernetes. Additionally, AllCloud is a reseller for digital learning licenses from Cloud Academy and AWS Skillbuilder. Ask your AllCloud Account Manager for more details.

Invest in tomorrow’s cloud today. AllCloud goes beyond training to equip your team with the skills and resources to build a lasting, in-house cloud infrastructure. Learn more.

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