The Path to Properly Managing and Prioritizing your Marketing Campaigns

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In today’s connected and automated world, marketers have access to an overload of information. With so much data at our fingertips, the key to success is focusing on prioritizing the right information at the right part of the process to accomplish our most strategic, high-value goals. One of the biggest challenges marketers face is making sure that you have an organized and prioritized structure in place that is shared with all of your stakeholders so that everyone is on the same page, with the same information and the same goals.

To walk you through the path to properly managing and prioritizing your campaigns, especially when using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, is AllCloud’s Tyler Holmes, Salesforce Solution Engineer. Tyler comes to AllCloud with a wealth of knowledge and certifications, including his expertise in Marketing Automation and Strategy. He is also certified in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, with a passion in enterprise B2B technology and operations where he had the opportunity to design, build, and manage some of the largest installations of Salesforce in the world. Watch the video below:

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Tyler Holmes

Salesforce Solution Engineer

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