Customer: Pango
Slogan: “Pay and Go”
Location: Israel
Product: Comprehensive mobile
app for all road, driver and car services
Serves: 2 million customers

Established in 2007, Pango is a mobile hub for Israeli drivers that provides an up-to-date approach to the on-road experience. The Pango app offers a complete suite of services for car, road and driver, including on-street parking payments, parking garage payments, toll road subscription & payments, tow truck services, insurance services, annual car inspection services, and more. The app is available in Hebrew, Arabic and English, and is used by the majority of drivers in Israel.

Recently, Pango decided it was time to make the journey to the cloud. Its current on-premises infrastructure could provide only moderate scalability. Storage space was too small and running out – fast. The lack of a suitable disaster recovery solution was also a major issue. Pango was looking for a cloud-based solution that could provide availability, durability and scalability with optimal IT efficiency, without the limitations of local servers and hardware, and without the cumbersome investment required for the ongoing management and development of those resources.

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Yossi Jana

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