The Four Areas of Focus to Successfully Implement a Salesforce Governance Strategy

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Introducing Salesforce in any form can deliver enormous benefits to your organization. But the initial implementation is only the beginning, as the breadth and flexibility of the Salesforce solution allow it to grow and evolve alongside your business.

So how do you continue to make the most of everything Salesforce has to offer beyond that initial implementation? Far too many organizations struggle to answer this question, largely because they lack a formal Salesforce governance strategy.

Salesforce is a powerful solution, and it can not be treated with a “set it and forget it” mentality. When that happens, organizations leave significant value on the table. Rather, Salesforce requires ongoing maintenance and attention, particularly when it comes to configuring the solution in a way that can help scale your business quickly.

Specifically, introducing a formal governance model for Salesforce can help your organization:

  • Maintain high levels of user adoption
  • Improve cost-effectiveness
  • Stay up to date on new product functionality
  • Increase agility for new developments
  • Roll out updates and new developments effectively
  • Minimize the risk of change
  • Centralize control and decision-making


Given these benefits, when it comes to getting the most out of Salesforce in the long term, your organization needs a formal approach to Salesforce governance. Whether you’re first implementing Salesforce or are a few years in with the solution, it’s never too early or too late to introduce a Salesforce governance strategy.

Getting Started with Salesforce Governance: 4 Focus Areas

Introducing a formal Salesforce governance strategy in your organization requires proper planning. This planning should center around four key focus areas:

  1. Establishing a Center of Excellence
  2. Introducing Change Management
  3. Setting an Organization Strategy
  4. Formalizing Design Standards

Read our white paper on Salesforce Application Governanceto learn more and start implementing your Governance strategy.

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