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Why AllCloud and Zuora are Natural Partners


A significant shift in the marketplace is happening in the past few years. Consumers are subscribing more and buying less; preferring to download software, use a car for a day rather than purchasing one, and download a movie from an app to their tablet.

The 20th-century model of business is forcing companies to rethink the way they look at the products they produce and their customer base. The subscriber model based on customer preferences is being applied to entertainment, health care and virtually all facets of life. Think Netflix and Car2Go, if you are a consumer. They are just a few of companies created in the past few years that utilize a subscription-based business model.

Entrepreneur Tien Tzuo anticipated how this concept of subscription services, pioneered by startups, represented an opportunity for Software as a Service (SaaS) to support companies of all sizes as they embraced the new business model. And so, in 2008, he founded Zuora. Today Zuora processes about $35 billion worth of transactions for more than 800 customers around the world, including Ford, Dell, DocuSign and “The Wall Street Journal”.

As a global cloud solutions provider with a mission of accelerating our customers’ growth by leading them through the cloud journey, AllCloud is committed to bridging our customers’ knowledge gap, introducing them to the most innovative technology that provides them with significant business value.
We are thrilled to have Zuora as a partner, and offer Zuora to our customers, some are natural fit for the leading subscription-based billing software.

Zuora helps companies build new revenue streams and subscription business models by establishing, cultivating and monetizing recurring subscribers’ relationships. We believe that the Zuora offering, together with AllCloud’s in-depth knowledge and vast experience as Salesforce and NetSuite ERP leading partners, will enable our customers to increase their business agility by bridging the subscription management gap between the CRM and the back-office systems.

We invite you to meet us at Zuora’s Subscribed Pop-Up event in Tel Aviv to hear more about the value we can bring to your business. Click here to register.

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