AWS is Bringing HPC to the Classroom

Last  week at Tel Aviv University, Amazon Web Services along with Emind and IUCC, Israel’s Inter-University Computation Center held a day of learning for researchers and university IT personnel. The Academic Cloud Seminar’s purpose was to bring awareness about the capabilities and benefits of cloud computing in academic institutions. The conference was attended by 70 academics from institutions up and down Israel.

The day kicked off with an overview of Amazon’s services and pricing models that gave the audience a thorough understanding of how much AWS really has to offer. The presentations continued with the Benefits of the Cloud for Research, Scientific Computing, AWS Integration, Security in the Cloud, High Performance Computing (HPC) , and last but not least an in-depth look at the new AWS Educate Program. (Presentations are embedded below.) The field of cloud computing is still trailing in the academic sector, knowledge and use of its infrastructure is just starting to bud, and AWS is encouraging educators and students with cloud credit through its new AWS Educate Program.


As the cloud is growing, we are seeing a bigger and bigger gap in knowledge of trained cloud professionals in the workforce. Felix Manoharan, Head of AWS Educate

The Educate program is bringing the cloud to the classroom by allowing students, educators and institutions to experience cloud technology firsthand. The small grant is also a great starting point for departments to play with the cloud for research purposes and plant their roots on AWS for subsequent projects.

The two main benefits that were echoed throughout the day were scale and cost. The fact that a job can be performed on AWS with limitless compute power and then terminated makes it flexible, cost effective, and quick. This is a perfect fit for the academic sector, allowing them to put out research quickly without the purchase of costly hardware and all of its disadvantages.[one_half_last]For Emind, AWS and IUCC holding a conference of this kind is very exciting because it is a way to build the future of cloud computing, as well as bring tools to an area where they are essential but still remain unfamiliar. We are committed to teaming up to create more conferences like this one in order to bridge the cloud knowledge gap.

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Monica Avellino

Marketing Lead, Israel

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