As 2020 approaches, AllCloud along with our customers understand that innovation is the growth engine of an organization but as soon as we’ve caught up with it, we are really already behind in adopting newer technologies. 

This is where the cloud comes in as our enabler. It’s the tool that empowers us to support the technological innovation we aspire for within our organizations. For the process of continuous innovation to be successful, we are required to lead with transparency, pull together the different business units and get their buy-in and commitment. 

When an organization is on a path to exponential growth, the need to adopt greater agility and continuous innovation practices becomes necessary and is only possible by fully aligning cloud technologies throughout the entire organization. 

If you have not already started planning for 2020, you will likely start very soon. Over the next days and weeks you will meet with leads, managers, and teams in various departments within your organization and I hope that AllCloud will inspire you to drive the conversation about cloud innovation that will bring about a bright future.

As leaders of our organizations, we no longer ask if or when we should move to the cloud but how we can facilitate a smooth move to becoming a truly cloud-enabled organization. 

Adopting cloud technologies can present challenging questions like which technology we should invest in, do we have the know-how and resources to handle this adoption, and how much is this going to cost us? However, these questions also present opportunities to improve efficiency, connect teams, increase productivity, and provide our customers with better services and products. 

We are working with clients to support them as they go through this journey of organizational change. They can testify to the significance of implementing new cloud technology and the clarity that comes with it. 

When surveyed in 2018, 80% of enterprise organizations worldwide were both running apps on or experimenting with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their preferred cloud platform. In a recent survey conducted by AllCloud examining how AWS users are using the cloud in 2019, 70% of participants answered that they were running over 50% of their IT workloads on the cloud. When asked about their plans for 2020, 85% answered that they were planning on running over 50% of their IT workloads on the cloud. 

Cloud is the new reality and leaders in technology-led organizations need to feel comfortable with the constant change that the strive for innovation brings. AllCloud is partnering with its customers to lead and provide confidence in their cloud technology decisions. Our services support them to continue to innovate while transitioning more parts of their business into the cloud. What’s more, we ensure they have a cloud roadmap in place for the future. 

Together we need to start building agile, flexible, business systems that can grow or change quickly when called upon to do so. It’s not enough to implement a single technology to manage clients or the service of our organizations, and it will not be enough to just store data in the cloud. For our organizations to be prepared for the future, we need to ensure a cross-organizational strategy that fosters agility and innovation. For the cloud to support our growth and serve as a catalyst, it needs to be implemented throughout the entire organization and be a foundational part of the plan for true business transformation versus just a piece of the puzzle. This is the only way we can achieve true alignment on the cloud to support the business flexibility we aspire to create.

Ronit Rubin

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