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In April 2022, Salesforce announced the launch of CRM Analytics, its AI-driven insights tool to help businesses “put data at the center of every customer relationship and – ultimately – deliver more personalized experiences.” 

What you may not realize is that CRM Analytics is actually the renowned Einstein Analytics, which then became Tableau CRM – renamed, repackaged, and with newly added features and capabilities added by Salesforce along the way. 

Put Data at the Center

According to McKinsey, B2B companies that use data in their sales processes report above-market growth increases of between 15% to 25%. 

But you don’t need to quote statistics to know that data is undoubtedly the most important driver of customer success and business growth today. It’s not just about having data, though – it’s having the ability to analyze it and leverage it, quickly and efficiently, and use it to make smarter business decisions that facilitate growth. Machine learning and AI are key here, supporting predictive analytics that enable businesses to be ahead of the game. That’s where Salesforce CRM Analytics comes into the picture. 

Now living inside Salesforce, CRM Analytics fits natively with the complete Salesforce journey, upping your capabilities to leverage machine learning in your customer lifecycle operations. 

Analytics Inside

Embedded in Salesforce, CRM Analytics is what Gartner has coined “augmented analytics”. By integrating machine learning-based analytics inside Salesforce, businesses benefit from a no-code, AI-driven analytics tool that requires far less customization than standard, third-party, off-the-shelf applications. 

Rather than relying on a clunky, patched together and complex analytics solution, CRM Analytics is already inside your existing Salesforce workflows, so you can gain powerful business insights without needing a data scientist at your beck and call.

Down to Business

So, what does CRM Analytics actually do for business? Let’s take a quick glimpse:

  • Data management that connects data from a range of sources – within Salesforce and outside it – for a holistic picture of customer lifecycle and business status at every moment.
  • AI-based predictions and recommendations in real time.
  • Integration with Slack for instant notifications and cross-department collaboration about data-based insights.
  • Discovery and Analytics Studio enables building of customized or template based apps for your data needs.
  • Integration with your workflow automation tools to turn data from insightful to actionable.
  • Seamless integration into Salesforce screen, allowing users to take action based on relevant customer data.
  • Direct link between data and Salesforce records, allowing for automated or manual reporting

Large enterprises across industries like financial services are getting in on the data-driven game. JP Morgan Chase, for instance, has used CRM Analytics to build a data management architecture that supports self-serve operations. JPMC customers can leverage the data they need, when they need it, and use those insights to advance and grow.

Expect to see more stories like this as businesses move towards self-service data analytics in their CRM systems.  

“Clicks Not Code”

All of this, and more, is accessible with CRM Analytics, on a clicks-not-code basis. This is crucial, because it enables businesses to be far more proactive, agile and independent in their approach to AI-based data-driven decision making. No coding required, just a few clicks.

The proof is in the pudding, as noted by Salesforce: CRM Analytics shortens case resolution by 22%, increases business by 25% thanks to better pipeline quality and close rates, and helps businesses become 27% more strategic. 

AllCloud Data Practice – The Time is Now

At AllCloud, we’re committed to helping our customers do more with data, and become truly data driven. If you are not already there, getting started is simple.

Salesforce CRM Analytics makes it easy, by providing a built-in analytics platform to support your data strategy. As a Salesforce Platinum Partner, AWS Premier Partner and Snowflake Premier Partner, AllCloud can help you connect the dots between your AWS and Salesforce data and operations, and keep your competitive advantage stronger and smarter than ever. 

Start Becoming a Data-Driven Business with AllCloud Today!

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