Redefining Lead and Task Management in Salesforce: Q&A with Modernizing Medicine

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Modernizing Medicine, also known as ModMed, is transforming healthcare by placing doctors and patients at the center of care through an intelligent, specialty-specific cloud platform. The company’s all-in-one solution offers clinical, financial and operational software that enables better, more personalized patient care.

Recently, the ModMed team worked to bring a similar type of transformation to their sales processes, partnering with AllCloud to implement a new solution within Salesforce to strategically redefine lead and task management.

Under their previous approach, ModMed experienced several challenges with lead and task assignment, duplication, activity tracking and attribution that cost the sales team time they could have otherwise spent following up with prospects.

With AllCloud’s help, ModMed resolved these challenges by reducing manual processes, providing SDRs with actionable lead lists, implementing a new account structure, optimizing conversion paths and accurately tracking cross-sell and upsell opportunities for customers.

The Salesforce project covered:

  • Automated lead assignments and conversion
  • Automated account ownership
  • Prospect record type for accounts
  • Account teams
  • Account contact relationships
  • New opportunity record type to track prospective customers
  • Improved data cleansing/deduplication tracking using campaigns
  • Consistent stage path across customer journey
  • Singular scoring structure via Demandbase
  • Impacts to third-party systems, such as Pardot, Salesloft and Demandbase


To celebrate the success of the project, I sat down with Kate Daly, Manager, Digital Experience at ModMed, and Blake Weaver, Project Delivery Director at AllCloud, to hear about how they worked together to solve ModMed’s business challenges. Here’s what I learned:


Mike Lockert: ModMed is a rapidly growing company. When you look at the project success thus far working with AllCloud, what strategic guidance have you valued most? 

Kate Daly: As a product owner, it’s vital that I guide the business on simple, scalable solutions, especially when designing a new process. Our directive to AllCloud was to hold us accountable for using standard configuration when designing the system. Knowing that they would speak up and course direct when needed was invaluable.


ML: What were the biggest wins to celebrate from this project?

Blake Weaver: The big wins on this project were simplifying and standardizing the sales process, cleaning up Pardot technical debt, enhancing Salesforce security and deprecating fields and features that were not being used. 


ML: From your point of view Kate, what was the key to success to getting this project right?

KD: Simplicity. The biggest change with this project was not the configuration, but rather managing the business to get them to the outcomes they needed. We knew we wanted to move quickly, and every decision was driven around ensuring our measurable outcomes were simple and didn’t need finessing or lead to misinterpretation. 


ML: From your point of view Blake, what did the ModMed team really focus on during this project that led to those positive outcomes? 

BW: The ModMed team understood from the start that the AllCloud team would be proposing best practices and this would require a new sales process from them. Although there were a lot of sessions where teams each gave their input, everyone knew we were working towards the best business process in the end. 

Working with multiple teams that each had a different point of view made it a lot of work for Kate to take in all the possible competing interests and get a single decision on how our team should move forward. The teams were also understanding of why AllCloud would push back and discourage certain ways of working that teams may have been used to that were not the best way to go for the future state. 

ModMed also had other concurrent Salesforce projects, so they were really able to turn around decisions and items we needed from them. That was imperative to making sure we all stayed on schedule. 


ML: Kate, what do you value most from the collaboration with AllCloud?

KD: The AllCloud team was serious about getting to know how our business worked and how we wanted to manage success. On the front end, we spent time working through those questions and documenting decisions. This held us accountable in future stages of the project.


ML: How has this initiative impacted your business and goals to scale quickly?

KD: The simplicity of the process we created has allowed us to gain better data insights into where we’re thriving and what needs focus. We no longer have to extract the data, format it and then interpret it. Now we have real time data and can make adjustments immediately instead of later in the month or even beyond. 


Mike Lockert

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