Never Swing, Never Win: Figur8 is now an AllCloud Company

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Competition and team spirit created Figur8. Being a part of AllCloud, we will be doing right by our customers and will empower them with the opportunity to grow with us.

From day one, our relentless pursuit of doing things better for our customers has been, and will always be, the driving force of our success. As business partners, we understood that an integral part of this process included realizing that not every attempt would lead to a successful outcome.

Achievement requires determination and focus, even when facing the odds, and failure is likely to occur. An ability to keep pursuing, taking another shot and attempting to find a way to win is what pro athletes, entrepreneurs and parents alike know and understand to be fact.

You have to swing to hit the home runs.
This focused and competitive mindset empowered Figur8 with great success over the past five years. We’ve grown organically to a team of nearly 40 employees who consistently hit home runs, day in and day out. When we founded the company, we knew exactly why we were in the game: to make a direct impact on our customers’ success.

“Customers for Life” is the reason we’re happy to show up at work every day. We’re lucky and proud to have built an organization that embodies this mission and reflects our values while working with high performing teams. As a result, we’re beyond excited to announce the next evolution of our growing success.

Today, we took that swing. We connected. We hit that home run. As we round towards home plate with this blog, we are thrilled to announce that Figur8 is being acquired by AllCloud.

We have always known that in order to take that next step and scale our impact, we would need extensive experience and dynamic leadership. That is exactly the kind of leadership we found with AllCloud.

When we first met the AllCloud management team, we were happy to find people that share our core values and our people-first mentality. The deep cultural fit and the boundless opportunities for our employees to develop professionally in a global company were a fundamental part of our decision.

At our core, we’re a bunch of people who fell in love with Salesforce. Many folks on our collective teams worked for Salesforce and gleaned deep experience with the inner workings of the dynamic and disruptive technology. We took those learnings and expertise and became trusted advisors for our customers.

We’ve seen over 1,000 Salesforce implementations while sharing many inspiring moments with our customers. We were there as trusted advisors and prevented those customers from making mistakes before they happened. We encouraged them to take the swing and stood by as they succeeded on their first Salesforce home run. We challenged them to think big and make no small plans.

This is who we are, these are the values that we stand for, and that will never change. Being a part of AllCloud, we will be doing right by our customers and will empower them with the opportunity to grow with us.

AllCloud provides services across the cloud stack, from infrastructure to platform to applications, so we stand ready to accelerate our customers’ growth by leading them through the entire cloud journey.

The future is bright.
The Figur8 team sees a very bright future for AllCloud as our team tackles the North-American forefront and accelerates the company’s wider growth. We believe that AllCloud will become the primary choice around the world for customers looking for a consultant that can both guide them throughout their cloud journey and support their growth.

We are proud and excited to be a part of this global process.
We are proud to take the swing.
We are proud to be doing it together.

Ojay Malonzo

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