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As new challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic continue to unfold, AllCloud remains committed to providing the best support to our clients, from continuously innovating with our partners, to ensuring our employees remain healthy and have the resources they need to succeed. The impact on our daily lives, our businesses, and the global economy is beyond measure. But through it all, we want you to know that AllCloud is here to help ensure your business continuity and provide ongoing support. 

Working together as a Community

We understand that organizations around the globe entrust us to provide quality, innovative business solutions that are critical to their day-to-day operations. Our commitment to our clients, our partners, and our employees is unwavering. We are all in this together as one global community and we are working to understand new ways of doing business and how we can help each other succeed. 

Creativity and innovation are key to success. As we work with our community of clients across the globe, we are seeing new challenges arise daily. These challenges may be unthought of, but they are not insurmountable. That is why we are working with our top partners, who are on the cutting edge of technology, to continuously innovate and find new ways to meet these challenges head-on. 

Cloud native by design, built to minimize disruptions

You can have the confidence that AllCloud will continue to provide the services you need to keep the most critical components of your business running. There will be no interruptions. AllCloud is cloud native and, by design, our operations are built to continuously respond to our client’s needs even in a remote, ever-changing environment. This situation is no different and AllCloud has implemented processes and routines to ensure our business, and the businesses of our clients remain functional. Our employees are fully operational with secure access to everything needed to assist you. 

The relationships AllCloud has with our top partners, AWS, Salesforce, and NetSuite allow us to work with them at the executive level and to understand how they are responding to the current situation. We are applying these changes to our own business to ensure consistency and continuity across all technologies we deliver. 

Here to help

AllCloud has also kicked our innovation center into overdrive and asked our employees to bring ideas to the forefront. As we hear of new challenges, we are sharing ideas and brainstorming on innovative ways to collaborate as a community to ensure our client’s business is not only running but progressing. 

We are proud to partner with the most cutting-edge cloud technologies, and to have some of the leading organizations in the world as clients. Organizations that are known for their continuous innovation and their ability to adjust in the face of adversity. AllCloud is doing the same. With a strong business continuity plan and an agile workforce, we will continue to work with you to move business forward. 

For more information regarding how AllCloud is helping ensure business continuity, please visit our Business Continuity Response Center. 

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