Migrating from Salesforce Classic to the Lightning Experience (LEX)

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To start off the year, Salesforce announced that starting January 2020, they will automatically enable Lightning Experience (LEX) for all production orgs. This move is an indication of Salesforce’s commitment to continue introducing new features on LEX and the inevitable full migration to Lightning. This means that once a week, Salesforce will turn on Lightning upon login, enabling users to experience LEX and only have the ability to “opt out” by manually toggling back to Classic. Organizations may now start to receive questions regarding functionality and when the Classic experience will stop being available. Not migrating means business functionality built in Classic is now at risk if it doesn’t work properly in LEX. 

What’s coming next?

LEX is the future of the Salesforce platform. Salesforce will likely speed up LEX feature releases and sunset Classic. New features available with Lightning Experience include Voice, News and Insights and Auto-Fill, which drive business growth and productivity. All organizations will need to identify remaining business and technical dependencies on classic, and fully migrate to LEX. It is crucial to have a roadmap to continue to enhance end-user adoption of LEX.

Why Lightning? 

There are quite a few major benefits of Lightning that will drive value, including: 

  • A new, modern user interface that is more flexible and dynamic 
  • 300+ components and 500+ apps to extend CRM and tailor with your unique business needs
  • New features not available in Classic including Einstein and enhanced dashboards
  • Quicker sales with fast and easy customization: Sales reps save an average of 5-10 hours a week
  • Increased productivity: users are 25% more productive than those working in Classic

How can you get started?

To prepare your company for this migration, AllCloud has launched the Lightning Migration Assessment (LMA) service for Salesforce users. The assessment is available now to all Salesforce Classic customers that want to leverage the full breadth of the new Salesforce platform. Customers already on Lightning Experience may also benefit from a LMA, as many may not be aware of new or improved solutions that are only available in Lightning Experience.  

AllCloud’s LMA service for Salesforce users is based on a proven methodology for implementing and fully utilizing Salesforce Lightning Experience. The service includes a deep-dive assessment of a client’s Salesforce environment as well as a readiness backlog, project plan and roadmap to ensure organizations can easily and fully migrate to the Lightning Experience without losing any functionality. AllCloud will also suggest solutions using Lightning-ready apps, third-party applications, “smart” changes through in-house development, and estimates including time-to-value and cost-optimization.

With the Lightning update, Salesforce is enhancing the future of customer experience, already giving companies a competitive edge with all its tailored features and continuously evolving technology. But, with companies comfortable with Salesforce Classic, its eventual retirement may require a complex migration and updates to their Salesforce business structure. AllCloud is experienced and ready to execute Lightning Experience migration projects and scope out the effort it would take to transition your organization quickly and efficiently.

Companies interested in learning more about AllCloud’s LMA service can go to Lightning Migration Assessment for ways to get started.

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CTO, Applications

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