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Today’s enterprises operate with the help of a wide range of business software and apps, all designed to facilitate daily functioning, innovation and growth. Yet with thousands of options on the market covering the full array of business operations, from finance to HR, marketing, sales, support, product and IT, integrating those apps so they work together seamlessly and effectively is a big challenge.

As a Workato Platinum Partner, AllCloud can offer organizations the optimal solution.

Workato: The Integration Workhorse 

Workato is a leading platform for workflow automation, enabling organizations to connect all their business apps and software, and integrate operational processes smoothly, efficiently and automatically across departments. A no-code solution, Workato features an easy drag-and-drop interface for creation and customization of complex automated workflows that connect over 1000 different applications.

AllCloud brings its Workato expertise to build automated workflows in any configuration tailored to meet the customer’s specific business needs and budget.

Gett Triggers Results with Workato

At the Workato Roundtable hosted by AllCloud, the Gett company presents the story of its Workato implementation and the added value the company gained by working with AllCloud’s Workato team.

Gett, the global taxi app, operates with thousands of drivers around the world, necessitating continual registration and onboarding of new drivers. By leveraging AllCloud expertise in building and implementing the Workato tool, Gett was able to automate and expedite the driver onboarding process, seamlessly connecting the data and workflows between SAP and Salesforce. The integration ensured that new driver information only had to be inputted once into the system, significantly reducing the time and resources necessary for the onboarding procedure. With many thousands of drivers undergoing onboarding each year, this amounted to an impressive overall rise in efficiency and reduced costs.

Workato with Us

Maximize the benefits of Workato by choosing a professional systems integrator with the skill and know-how to map the best automation solution for your systems, and to execute it quickly and effectively. AllCloud can get your optimal Workato configuration up and running in a short time frame, so you can start reaping the fruits of seamless automated workflows, just like Gett.

Are you interested in workflow automation efficiency that Workato can provide? AllCloud is your partner to customize and manage your optimal Workflow integration, on time, and on budget, so you are assured maximum ROI on all your business apps.

Contact AllCloud and discover your organization’s Workato potential.

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