How Do You Become the Best Company to Work for?

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In the recent ranking on Glassdoor, a global website where employees anonymously rank former and current employers, AllCloud was listed as the best company to work for in Israel. The survey results were not a surprise but rather a refreshing reminder that with hard work, results will follow. At AllCloud, even with 250 employees spread across Europe, Israel and North America, we try to make the team feel like family and the workplace like home. Walking the halls of any office, anywhere in the world, you can feel the same energy and see that same sparkle in each employee’s eyes and then you realize that they all feel like they are working in the best company for their personal and professional development. This energy ignites a fire, creating an atmosphere that is hard to find in other workplaces. 

Invest in your employees’ professional growth 

As a professional services company where the human resource is the most important resource, we understand that the personal development of each and every one of our employees is vital in promoting the AllCloud brand and its business goals. We choose to hire the top market professionals in every field in which we operate. We promote internally and ensure that everyone has a platform and plan to succeed. This includes offering professional training and certifications so that our employees become leaders in their field with expertise in the most advanced technologies. As an AWS Premier Partner, Salesforce Platinum Partner, and a NetSuite Solution Provider, our partners recognize the value AllCloud’s people possess and they work with us to encourage further training and expertise of their platforms. 

Work to minimize differences between management and employees

At AllCloud, we try to hold an open-door policy and create a safe space for employees to give feedback and initiate change. We are not afraid to survey, and regularly ask our employees for their opinion. We love getting positive feedback, obviously, and we preserve good practices but at the same time, we don’t shy away from correcting what demands correction. One of our core values is embracing humility. We strive to solicit input, admit our mistakes and change course. What’s more, when creating AllCloud’s core values, the employees were asked to express their opinions on which values resonated the most with them. That information became one of the factors in ultimately determining the final set of values. The core values were adopted by management with the understanding that when one’s own values are also the company values their connection to the company is stronger and that was our goal.  

Give back some of that goodness to your community

As part of our social outreach efforts, our employees participate in a global volunteer initiative. It’s important to AllCloud that everyone finds meaning and value outside of the everyday work that we do. At the beginning of every year, we invite all of our employees to be part of a volunteering team. Within the team, the group discusses ideas, shares thoughts and finally chooses a volunteer activity to lead. The initiatives that are proposed are then ranked by popularity and we choose the ones that will have the widest impact. When the employees themselves lead the volunteering activities, the results turn out to be truly remarkable.

If AllCloud had to give one piece of advice as the #1 company to work for in Israel, it would be to focus on building your core values. Core values last and help a company to evolve and continuously improve itself. At the end of the day, employees are looking for a positive work environment. They want a workplace where they feel respected, empowered professionally and enriched personally. Having a gym at the office, private chef-made lunch and company trips to exotic locations are nice to have, but what really matters to an employee is their professional growth and how they are treated.

Ruti Ben Asher Lavi

SVP Employee Success

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