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Customer centricity is no longer a nice-to-have — it’s a necessity.

But even though customers leave digital clue after digital clue, it feels almost impossible for companies to fit the puzzle pieces together.

For most companies, their “data lake” is a disjointed mix of data sources that confuses internal teams and causes misalignment. Without a unified view of the customer, they get no closer to predicting customer needs, frustrating their audience and allowing the competition to plow full speed ahead.

How can they stop the cycle? By adopting a customer 360 solution.

Customer 360 solutions help organizations make sense of the mountains of data they collect, offering an integrated, comprehensive view of their customers. This full picture inspires the kind of innovative go-to-market and support strategies companies need to attract new buyers and keep their best customers coming back.

At AllCloud, our consultants have witnessed firsthand how customer 360 solutions transform businesses and drive unparalleled value across myriad industries. That’s why we’re launching a new Customer 360 Practice, dedicated to understanding, engaging and delighting customers through sophisticated customer 360 solutions like Salesforce Data Cloud.

What is a Customer 360 Solution?

As its name suggests, customer 360 solutions provide a 360-degree view of every customer. By stitching together clues customers leave along their journey — transactions, behaviors, preferences and support inquiries — companies can gain a holistic view of who their customers are.

With a centralized understanding of their audience, departments can work together to produce a unified, meaningful experience for every customer, regardless of how, where and when they interact with the brand. The alignment customer 360 solutions create and maintain can also streamline operations, enhance customer support and enable leaders to make fully informed decisions.

What is Salesforce Data Cloud?

Salesforce Data Cloud is Salesforce’s customer 360 solution. It pulls customer data from across and outside of the business, presenting it in a digestible, actionable way. Data Cloud functionality strengthens a company’s ideal customer profile, sparks ideas for engagement and helps companies measure their campaign success through:

  • Data Enrichment: Salesforce Data Cloud gives companies instant access to a massive repository of external data sources. Firmographic and demographic details, contact information and social media insights help organizations better understand and classify their customers.
  • Data Integration: Data Cloud can seamlessly integrate third-party data with CRM and other internal data, resulting in more robust customer profiles.
  • Personalization: Enriching customer profiles enables sales, marketing, and support teams to personalize customer engagement strategies based on a broader range of insights and predilections.
  • Segmentation: With access to additional data points, businesses can further refine their customer segments, targeting specific audiences with tailored messaging and promotions, pushing them toward activation.

Master Customer 360, Maximize Revenue

After implementing a customer 360 approach, organizations gain distinct revenue-driving advantages, including:

1. A Consolidated Customer View

A Customer 360 solution merges data from various customer touchpoints into a single, unified view, empowering organizations to see the full picture of their behavior, preferences and purchase history.

2. Personalized Customer Experiences

With comprehensive customer data at their fingertips, GTM teams can create highly tailored marketing campaigns, product recommendations and customer support. This level of personalization ultimately leads to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Improved Customer Support

Customer 360 solutions give customer support teams instant access to relevant customer information, facilitating quicker, more accurate assistance, dramatically reducing issue resolution times and boosting customer satisfaction.

4. Enhanced Cross-Selling and Upselling

Analyzing customer data from various touchpoints highlights opportunities to cross or upsell customers with quotes or offers incorporating a customer’s interests, predicted budget and stated challenges.

5. Reduced Friction in Customer Journeys

Tracking and carefully reviewing each stage of the customer journey can reveal potential pain points and bottlenecks companies can smooth out, creating seamless customer experiences.

6. Data-Driven Decision Making

Customer 360 solutions provide actionable insights based on real-time and historical customer data. Data-driven decision-making across marketing, sales, R&D and product orgs makes for successful product launches, memorable marketing strategies and smarter resource allocation.

AllCloud is Uniquely Positioned to Make Customer 360 a Reality

Customer 360 may seem like a distant reality, but AllCloud has helped customers attain it time and time again. Over time, our consultants have optimized and formalized their work into a repeatable Salesforce Data Cloud strategy clients can count on.

Here are just a few of the ways our Customer 360 Practice sets us apart: 

  • Retail Vertical Focus: AllCloud is a named partner within Salesforce’s Retail and Consumer Goods vertical, aligning Salesforce Data Cloud implementations with retail sector needs and optimizing capabilities for each client.
  • Unmatched Expertise: AllCloud’s certified Salesforce consultants and data and analytics professionals work cross-functionally, using their skillsets to master technical integrations, offer strategic analysis and cater to Salesforce ecosystem intricacies.
  • Effective Implementation: Our certified consultants ensure seamless integration of Salesforce Data Cloud with existing Salesforce products, such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud, thereby maximizing client ROI.
  • Proven ROI: AllCloud’s coordinated team has helped dozens of organizations realize Salesforce Data Cloud’s full potential for improved customer insights and engagement through a customized implementation and dedicated end-user training.

Make Customers Your North Star With AllCloud

Today’s customers expect an exceptional experience, and AllCloud’s consultants can help you deliver it — all while achieving your business goals and instituting a long-term, sustainable architecture strategy.

Ready to take your customer engagement to the next level? Contact one of our Customer 360 Practice leads today.

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