Expat Living Improves Productivity by Launching ADvendio App with the Help of AllCloud Experts

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Expat Living has been publishing a series of magazines in print and digital form in Singapore and Hong Kong for 15 years. A company with 38 employees, they work with around 300 advertisers  a month, making cost and performance very important to them.

Salesforce Implementation

The Company wanted to move to their CRM to the Cloud, so they chose to implement Salesforce, the leading cloud-based CRM. While on Salesforce AppExchange, they found ADvendio, an Ad Sales Management Solution.

Migrating to the ADvendio App

Expat Living used AllCloud as their implementation partner and was able to use ADvendio in its basic configuration with slight customization to their email module. AllCloud trained Expat Living’s CRM Manager to manage their Advendio solution in-house.


Expat Living is very satisfied with their results, the benefits of using Advendio’s App have been a reduction in costs and increase in revenue.

Customer Testimonial

“Launching the ADvendio advertising business solution with AllCloud as our implementation partner has helped us to improve the productivity and efficiency of our print and digital ad sales business. AllCloud, working with our in-house CRM manager assisted us throughout the project”.

Colin Purchase, CFO, Expat Living Magazine, Singapore https://expatliving.sg

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