Everything You Wanted to Know About NetSuite but Didnt Know Who to Ask

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If your company has reached the stage of growing from local to global, you will certainly be facing a whole host of challenges. Not least of them is how to manage your company’s finances, across regions, languages and time zones, giving full transparency and control in real-time.

For that, you need a global ERP, like NetSuite. And if you want to implement NetSuite, then we recommend talking to us at AllCloud.

AllCloud maintains its position as a leader in cloud-based solutions and services, and as a result, successfully partners with tech giants such as Amazon Web Services and Salesforce. The integration of all these technological capabilities under one roof is what enables AllCloud to offer customers advanced, comprehensive cloud solutions – and that includes NetSuite. 

So, What is NetSuite All About?

NetSuite is the world’s first global cloud-based ERP system suitable for companies of every type and size, with particular benefits for companies operating in multiple regions around the world. Developed in 1998 and acquired by Oracle in 2016, NetSuite offers a comprehensive management solution, including ERP, financials, CRM and e-commerce, for companies who want to expand their business activities, shorten time to market and boost profitability. In a nutshell, it’s all about organizational agility for fast company growth. It is not surprising then, that NetSuite is already implemented in over 200 countries worldwide.

Think Globally, Act Locally

NetSuite provides an advanced, uniform ERP solution for companies that operate in multiple locations worldwide, via one database and one system, in real-time. This unified visibility is a key component for success, since every region has its own language, currency, regulations and laws, and accounting requirements – and all these are managed seamlessly by NetSuite. In addition, NetSuite integrates with Salesforce, another specialty of the AllCloud team. The NetSuite-AllCloud partnership combines customized strategy (what), tactics (how), and professional experts (who), ensuring successful integration, locally and globally.

Taking Companies to the NetSuite Level 

NetSuite is a very powerful, end-to-end solution, however many companies struggle to get the most out of the technology. That’s when working with AllCloud can make the difference. NetSuite offers a best practice solution, but with so many evolving technologies and integrations, AllCloud not only configures the system but transitions companies from their current ERP to NetSuite, ensuring a fast, smooth installation, testing and deployment, and a long-term strategy to help the customer use the platform as a catalyst for the growth of their business.

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Hila Cohen

Head of NetSuite Practice

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