Employee Spotlight: Jonathon Nisenboum, VP of Delivery, Salesforce Practice

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AllCloud is excited to welcome and introduce our new VP of Delivery for our North American Salesforce practice, Jonathon Nisenboum.

Jonathon is 6X Salesforce certified and previously worked at Salesforce as an Engagement Director. He joins AllCloud with 12+ years of large-scale program modeling, platform account and methodology planning, customer success, project management of large-scale programs and expertise in solution architecture and design.

I sat down with Jonathon to understand more about his experience, what’s happening in the Salesforce ecosystem, what the recent announcements mean for our customers, and what he’s most excited about bringing to AllCloud. Here’s what I learned: 

Q: You have over 12 years of experience working in the Salesforce ecosystem with a focus on customer engagement. Customer engagement has become even more critical in today’s world since COVID forced companies to find different ways to connect with their customers. What do you see as the next step organizations must take to stay ahead of their customers’ needs?

A: I think we continue to be at the point where customers want information in real-time, at their fingertips. The ability to access information quickly is revolutionary and allows companies to stay engaged with their customers continuously, day in and day out. To me the most important thing is to ensure that companies are providing information in a timely manner and that the information is accurate so that customers can trust what they are receiving.  Trust will always be the most important part of business. 

Q: Snowflake and Salesforce recently announced they are expanding their partnership with Real-Time Data Sharing. What does this mean for our customers?

A: I know this is cliche but I think this means everything for our customers.  The ability to have access to meaningful and powerful data is what drives success. Customer experiences depend on companies having accurate and meaning data right at their fingertips. Salesforce and Snowflake expanding their partnership means that our customers will have more robust data to allow them to provide the best possible experience to their customers. 

Q: There are a ton of new announcements and features coming from Salesforce right now. Which are you most interested in learning more about?

A: I believe all features are equally as important, but one that sticks out for me is inline editing within reports because of the amount of manual steps it reduces while reviewing and adjusting data in large quantities, saving our customers time and effort. I continue to be fascinated by Salesforce’s ability and drive to automate their build process and love to continue learning more about their automation goals. Flows are such a unique tool that Salesforce has built for configurators and it is something that I recommend all consultants dive into and learn.

Q: What are you most excited about bringing to our customers?

A: This is an easy one for me, I want to bring the successful delivery of transformational customer experiences. This can be with technology or process changes but I am here to help transform how our customers do business! 

Q: What’s the biggest hurdle you typically see customers have when implementing Salesforce, and what’s your advice to help them overcome it?

A: The area I continue to see as the biggest challenge that customers face with implementing Salesforce is user adoption. While those of us that work with Salesforce day to day understand the user interface and value add of Salesforce, our customers who have been using other tools for 10+ years sometimes struggle with the change and this is understandable. Anyone trying to make a change in life can speak to how difficult it is and the switch to Salesforce is no different. I find it imperative to help customers with their adoption. Allowing end users to provide their input into the design, providing demos and training sessions throughout the implementation, and providing strong change management are all tools we use to help our customers reach their goals and not feel the stress of the change.

Q: What do you like to do outside of work? 

A: Outside of work I love being outdoors and spending time with my family. I am a big fan of hiking, fishing, biking, and in the winter I love snowboarding. Spending time with my wife and daughter are the moments that I cherish more than anything else. 

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