Emerald Health Formalizes Sales Processes with AllCloud

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Emerald Health Therapeutics, a licensed producer and seller of dried cannabis and cannabis oil for medical purposes saw the need to revamp its sales process in light of exponential growth in the industry.

After significant research, Emerald Health narrowed down its options for a CRM system to two solutions: Sage, which it was already implementing for ERP, and Salesforce.

AllCloud spent time upfront digging into Emerald Health’s current challenges and long-term needs and then used that information to propose what a CRM program built on Salesforce could look like for the company. Along the way, AllCloud also shared best practices for integrating Salesforce with other data models, including Emerald Health’s new ERP system.

“The upfront discovery work by AllCloud really brought home for us the robust nature of Salesforce for CRM. It also revealed the extent of AllCloud’s expertise in these projects, making the choice to go with Salesforce and AllCloud an easy one,” says Rob Hill, CFO at Emerald Health.

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