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At AllCloud, we are proud to have been named one of the top 16 cloud consultancies in Gartner’s 2021 Magic Quadrant, which classifies thousands of competitors in the technological space according to their vision, capabilities and professionalism. How did we get here? A bit of background to start with. 

Established in 2008, AllCloud employs over 450 people worldwide, offering a wide range of solutions for each stage of cloud migration – from strategy, architecture and systems implementation, to integration, development of complex models, infrastructure management and optimization. In 2019, AllCloud became a Salesforce Platinum Partner, in addition to its status as an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and audited MSP, and Snowflake Premier Partner. Now, AllCloud operates in the cloud, in two interconnected worlds.

Data and Insights: AllCloud

We help customers migrate and operate atop the AWS Cloud infrastructure platform, and design and support cloud-based business applications exclusively on Salesforce. Both these worlds are connected by data, enabling businesses to leverage the cloud for optimized operations and business strategy and insights.  

AllCloud covers a complete range of information strategy, technology and architecture with expertise in the top data platforms such as AWS, Salesforce, Tableau, Snowflake and Workato. This enables our customers to define and execute their business strategy based on proven data, not gut feelings.

Case Study: Home Center – Becoming a Data-Driven Business

Israel’s national homewares chain store, Home Center, offers an excellent study on the connection of infrastructure and Salesforce cloud insights, and how they can drive new business success.

Until recently, Home Center’s customer service center operated separately at each branch via telephony and in-person interactions. It was a picture of yesteryear. Everything was conducted manually, and managing priorities and providing efficient support to customers was difficult. 

With the help of AllCloud, Home Center migrated to a centralized, digital cloud-based infrastructure that not only supports business operations at scale, but also enables data collection and development of business insights that support a far better, personalized and accurate customer experience.

At the height of the project, there was a global pandemic. Suddenly the world changed, everything moved from the physical to the digital, and offline sales moved to online services. During this period, one of Salesforce’s greatest advantages – its agility – shined through, and provided Home Center with the ability to respond quickly to rapid business changes.

Following the successful implementation of Home Center’s digital customer service and ordering system, AllCloud integrated a Salesforce FSL project for delivery of online orders to customers’ homes or to the branch near the customer’s home, via the company’s delivery fleet. Recently, an ordering and logistics management system for design, delivery and installation of kitchens sold in many branches of Home Center was also launched.

Watch the AllCloud session at SALESFORCE LIVE: ISRAEL and learn about Home Center’s data journey.

Cloud Data Driving Sales

This complex move to digital, centralized services could not have been undertaken on any other cloud platform besides Salesforce. This is thanks to the flexibility the platform provides, particularly in the interface between the digital orders and physical deliveries, enabling Home Center to respond quickly to rapid business and market changes.

Salesforce enables round-the-clock visibility and management of all business operations and the ability to easily and quickly drive complex marketing operations. The cloud-based infrastructure will grow with the business, and the company will continue to expand with Salesforce to other business areas within Home Center and its parent company, the Fishman Group. 

Today, the Salesforce cloud goes beyond the world of infrastructure, actually reaching the very core of the business where success is generated. With Salesforce, businesses can finally connect the dots and make better data-driven decisions for customer service, support and sales. 

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