Developing a Business Case: The First Step in your Cloud Migration Journey

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Migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables organizations to transform their business. By moving to AWS, organizations are free from the constraints of on-premises data centers and have the flexibility to pay only for what they use. But in order for organizations to reap the business benefits that cloud adoption has to offer, developing a thorough, compelling and robust business case will also help you begin to see the positive effect that migration will have on your people and organization. This methodology will help you understand how specific roles and responsibilities fit and should be assigned during your cloud adoption effort.

A robust and thorough business case is a core tenet of migrating to AWS, ensuring:

  • Less infrastructure admin – organization’s IT team will spend significantly less time managing on-premise infrastructure and upgrades.
  • No upfront investments – you will no longer have to make significant upfront investments in hardware and software or manage ongoing maintenance.
  • More overall agility – increased operational agility, enables you to react to market conditions more quickly and uses the global footprint of AWS to reduce your risk profile.


This results in a faster time to market, improved workforce productivity, and more transparency into operational costs.

What to Consider When Creating Your Business Case

Creating a business case will also help you begin to answer a few key questions, such as:

  • What is the expected Return on Investment (ROI), and when will the projected cash flow be positive?
  • What are some of the other business value benefits of cloud adoption, beyond cost savings?
  • What is the potential business impact of migrating a select group of applications first?
  • What are the factors that help customers determine if a hybrid cloud environment would be the best solution?
  • What indicators are used to estimate how long the migration process will take?

Once you complete your business plan, you will have an idea of what the financial impact and benefits will be. As the cloud adoption process evolves, you will be able to more accurately consider the many ways this transformation will impact your organization as a whole.

Get Expert Support 

They key to creating your organization’s business case for migration is based on sound planning and preparation. AllCloud’s AWS experts will work with you to ensure your business case accurately determines the cost of your current on-premises data center, what the migration cost will be, and what the new AWS cost will look like. Based on this, you can set expectations for cloud adoption and provide your organization an opportunity to begin the process of instilling a change management mindset throughout your workforce.

To learn more about the migration process and next steps in your migration journey, download our AWS Migration White Paper here.

Eric Crump

SVP, AWS North American Practice Lead

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