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Operating in today’s dynamic and cloud-centric landscape, organizations face the constant challenge of balancing innovation, growth, and customer experience with the complexities of managing their AWS infrastructure. Traditional monitoring, as I’ve observed through many years in the cloud industry, tends to be insufficient, leading to reactive solutions and delayed innovation. To truly thrive in this cloud-centric era, organizations require modern infrastructure monitoring solutions.

This is where AllCloud, a Datadog Gold Tier Reseller Partner and a 2023 DPN EMEA Partner of the Year, steps in. With over a decade of expertise serving 150+ satisfied customers, AllCloud is recognized as the most experienced Datadog partner in EMEA. Our dedicated team of AWS cloud monitoring experts is committed to providing you with the personalized attention and support you require to maximize the value of Datadog. This partnership extends beyond technology, with both companies sharing a deep commitment to customer success.

Without a robust cloud monitoring solution, AWS customers face significant challenges in proactively detecting and resolving performance issues, optimizing resource usage, and maintaining a strong security posture. This reactive approach can lead to costly downtime, security breaches, and inefficient resource utilization, ultimately hindering innovation and growth.

Fortunately, Datadog, an industry-leading cloud monitoring platform, empowers AWS customers to overcome these challenges by providing comprehensive visibility, intelligent optimization tools, and proactive security monitoring. This powerful combination enables organizations to focus on what truly matters: building the future.

A Glimpse into a Real Datadog Customer: Salt Security

As companies scale, staying ahead of IT incidents becomes a juggling act. Gal Porat, Director of DevOps at Salt Security, understands this challenge all too well. Salt Security was looking for a monitoring tool that transcended basic alerts and offered proactive visibility and rapid troubleshooting for its API Security Platform. Datadog, with its robust cloud-native plugins, anomaly detection, and automated mitigation, proved to be the perfect fit.

Not only does it simplify service management for Salt Security, but it also empowers the team to continuously improve its service levels. In the current cloud-centric business landscape, integrating Datadog extends beyond improving operational efficiency—it’s about securing a pivotal competitive edge. By proactively preventing incidents and swiftly resolving them as they occur, Salt Security can now focus on delivering exceptional value to their customers.

Simplifying Cloud Operations with AllCloud Engage

This transformative power is further amplified by AllCloud Engage, our comprehensive solution that seamlessly delegates AWS infrastructure management, support, training, and optimization to our team of experts. Together, Datadog and AllCloud Engage empower you to unlock unprecedented operational efficiency and free up your resources to focus on driving innovation and achieving business productivity and growth.

At the core of AllCloud Engage is the Health Monitoring Service, a pillar that provides proactive monitoring for your AWS environment. This service, covering both cloud infrastructure and applications, utilizes Datadog’s advanced capabilities to offer a comprehensive view of your environment. With AllCloud overseeing 24/7 monitoring, it ensures timely alerts and immediate incident response, safeguarding your cloud’s uptime and minimizing disruptions.

Planning for a Smooth Datadog Integration

To ensure a seamless Datadog integration, it is essential to plan and prepare carefully. This involves establishing clear goals and objectives for the integration, identifying key stakeholders and gathering their input, and choosing the right deployment model for your environment. AllCloud’s team of experts can help you navigate these steps and ensure a successful integration.

Optimizing Datadog for Enhanced Performance

Once Datadog is integrated, it is important to optimize its performance to maximize its benefits. AllCloud can also assist in this optimization process, helping establish monitoring baselines to effectively identify and respond to anomalies, and implementing alerting and notification systems to keep you informed about potential issues. Continuous monitoring and optimization are crucial, along with regular reviews of your Datadog configuration to ensure alignment with evolving business requirements and cloud infrastructure changes.

The Future is Now

Businesses can gain a decisive advantage by adopting a modern infrastructure monitoring solution like Datadog. Proactive monitoring, intelligent optimization, and expert support by AllCloud empower organizations to optimize cloud resource usage, minimize downtime, and safeguard their infrastructure. This strategic move allows businesses to focus on driving innovation, fueling growth, and delivering exceptional customer experiences—essential elements for thriving in the digital age.

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Director, Sales ISV

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