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As an equal opportunity workplace, AllCloud is delighted to promote equality in our hiring practices. Today, women make up a third of our workforce, including at the senior management level. This is a number we are very proud of achieving but we continue to work hard to improve the representation of women in the workplace. Our recruitment is focused on finding talent with a high level of professional ability, but we are working to ensure that this is always done through a diverse lens. 

The reasoning behind this thought process is clear to us. We believe that diverse teams produce better solutions, and have more success. According to Gartner, diversity builds high performing teams. We’ve seen first-hand how focusing on inclusion and equality can result in innovative ideas that push our organization forward. 

How to Get Past the Challenges of Empowering Women in Tech

The facts can be disheartening. It’s true that there is a shortage of women in the tech industry, starting with the rate of female graduates that apply for tech-related jobs being far lower than that of their male peers. Our talent acquisition team recognizes this challenge, and so we have put together a strategic vision for ensuring that we can get the right women candidates in our line of sight. Once they have applied for positions within AllCloud, we are far more likely to be able to spot their value and get them to sign the dotted line. The question for us is, how do we encourage women to apply for jobs in the first place? 

The first step has been to change our recruitment model, the goal being to improve our candidate pipeline of women. For each position, we plan together with our hiring managers using diversity data to aim for receiving 50/50 representation of applicants into our hiring process. It is not easy in our field but to do this, we increase the chances of women applicants by marketing the positions to them on professional groups, social channels and platforms directly. 

Creating a Women-Friendly Workplace

It doesn’t stop with candidates. The next stage is making sure that our company is a positive place in which women can work and feel that they are able to thrive. At AllCloud, we always prioritize the well-being of all of our employees. Here are some of the cornerstones of how we work: 

  • Flexible Schedule: We respect that parents need to be flexible on hours and office time. Both men and women appreciate the ability to drop off or pick up one of their children on the way to or from the office, or stay later to make up hours missed while they were attending a school event or handling a family emergency
  • Representation: As part of the recruitment process, we encourage applicants to meet with potential co-workers and hear about life at AllCloud. We ensure that women meet other women in tech who can share their own stories, which we’ve found makes them far more likely to accept an offer. 
  • Role Models: When promoting internally, we follow the same diversity guidelines to ensure that women are seen, valued and promoted to be equally represented in senior leadership positions. 


Together, we believe that we can make a real difference, increasing women role models in the tech industry so that young girls today can be inspired. In line with this year’s International Woman’s Day theme of Generation Equality – fingers crossed that by the next generation of university graduates, we will have removed this barrier to entry altogether! 

Want to Get Involved?

You can all be part of the change to help more women join the team and be part of our growth and success. As an equal opportunity employer, we encourage you to bring your friends, and to make our company even better than it already is! 

If you know an awesome woman who would be a great cultural fit for AllCloud, check out our open positions here. 

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