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The cloud is not just your computing environment. It is a culture, and the defining character of your organization and how it works.

An integral part of successful cloud operations is cost optimization. For large enterprises with a vast AWS budget, cost optimization is critical to ensure cloud spend does not become bloated or get out of hand. For startups operating on a tight budget, cost optimization will ensure that every dollar devoted to the cloud is spent in the best possible way. 

At AllCloud, we are very sensitive to our clients’ requirements in terms of cloud costs, and our FinOps team works around the clock to ensure every organization yields the maximum advantage from their AWS costs. This is exactly what we have done with Check Point, a valued AllCloud partner and customer. In an upcoming joint FinOps event, we’ll be focusing on Check Point’s story of how they built a cloud cost optimization culture, and how AllCloud can help your organization do the same.

How Check Point Manages Cloud Costs

On March 24, 2022, AllCloud and Check Point will come together for a very special event, with singular focus on cloud FinOps. The event, “Adopting a Cloud Cost Optimization Culture”, will feature Ron Tzrouya, Cloud FinOps Analyst at  Check Point, Tom Klainer Director of Customer Success at AllCloud, and Eli Mansoor, Senior Business Development Manager at AWS. During the event, Check Point will describe how they are leveraging methodologies, best practices, and proactive support from AllCloud to maximize their financial visibility and control their cloud spend. Go on a journey with Check Point and AllCloud to discover how to establish a cloud center of excellence that cultivates a healthy approach to cost optimization while your organization expands on the cloud.


Save Your Seat

It’s All About Culture

Cloud cost optimization is not just a technical matter; it is also a mindset. There is no single individual in your organization responsible for monitoring and optimizing AWS costs. Every employee must become a part of the engine driving maximum control and ROI from the cloud budget. This demands a shift in organizational management, to get everyone on board with a unified goal. We are very excited to host a special guest speaker, Niv Faran, organizational change and management expert, who will focus on the issue of informal leadership and motivation. Niv will explore questions of how to lead behavioral change in an organization, and what are the best tools at your disposal to motivate employees, shift habits and build an optimal culture in your team and workplace. At the AllCloud-Check Point event, we’re going beyond the technical and logistical aspects of FinOps to delve into the deeper motivational and management aspects that will have a direct and vital impact on your organization’s culture of cost optimization.

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Join us on March 24, from 9.00 am-12:15 pm at Check Point headquarters in Tel Aviv, and learn how Check Point made the cultural and mindset shift to cloud cost optimization, reducing costs and manpower for their AWS management and operations. Plus, you’ll take away some hands-on tips and best practices on how best to control cloud costs, delivered by representatives from AllCloud and AWS.

A free copy of the newest edition of the book: Mastering AWS Cost Optimization will be made available to attendees. 

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