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2021 was a challenging year for a world still fighting the pandemic. But for the cloud technology community and Israeli hi-tech, it was one of the most exciting and groundbreaking years yet.

Hi-tech was Israel’s fastest-growing sector this past year, with record-breaking capital raised, and a peak number of IPOs. For the entire Israeli Market, there is enormous potential to further leverage the power of cloud infrastructure to adopt and advance cutting-edge developments and capabilities. So at AllCloud, we’re kicking off 2022 with the Best of re:Invent Israel, an in-person event on January 18 in Tel Aviv, the heart of Israeli high-tech, where we’ll dive a bit deeper into the latest and greatest trends and innovation in cloud tech, as revealed at the annual AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.

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Get ready for the best cloud tech conference in TLV

Sponsored by AWS, Datadog, and Trend Micro, Best of AWS re:Invent Israel is an exciting opportunity for technical decision makers and hands-on managers to learn, network and explore the trends and discussions that came up at this year’s re:Invent. There’s a roundup of scheduled speakers who’ll deliver short talks on a wide range of topics, including SaaS building and scaling, containers and EKS, DevOps, AI-Ops, DevSecOps, edge computing, serverless and more.

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Break out of the hybrid zone

We’re celebrating the new year the way it should be – in person, together, face to face.

The event will be held at Stuko in Tel Aviv on January 18 from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm. There’ll be networking, mingling, great food and also some fun! Go in on a raffle competition with two chances to win an iPhone 13. Meet colleagues and AWS experts, and have a chance to connect with the AllCloud team in the real world, and not just on Zoom!

Why attend?

After 10 years of hyper-development in AWS and the cloud, this year’s re:Invent conference was a bit different – fewer launches and announcements; more exploration of how AWS is expanding into different areas of IT, and what that means for us today and in the future.

At the Best of re:Invent, we’ll take a closer look at the future of AWS and what end-to-end cloud solutions will look like, with a 30-minute presentation about how to future proof your cloud skills for the new world of emerging tech, 20 minutes on SaaS Building & Scaling, 20 minutes on AWS-native services for AI-Ops and Security, 20 minutes on the latest in AWS edge computing and more – all focused on how to get started, go deeper, and take advantage of AWS in all these arenas, depending on where you stand today.

The AWS industry is the fastest growing and most widely used public cloud infrastructure, reaching a critical mass of assimilation worldwide. Now is the time to tap into it, at any point, and start leveraging it to take your operations and career where you want to go. At the Best of re:Invent, we’ll show you the way.

Don’t miss out on the best AWS cloud technology conference in 2022. We’re waiting to meet you so save your spot now.

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Marketing Lead, Israel

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