Back in the Cloud and Even More Excited – Part II

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I spend a lot of my time talking about AllCloud’s biggest asset – our employees. While our customers and partners are the reason we’re here, without our employees AllCloud wouldn’t be able to serve either customers or partners as well as we do. 

As I am coming up on 18 months in the role of CEO, my excitement level about being back at the helm of a leading cloud solutions provider is higher than ever. I believe we’re literally just scratching the surface of the opportunities in front of us. 

Over the last year and a half AllCloud has made a major impact within our ecosystems; to our customers’ businesses, both present and future, and with our partners. In this same period AllCloud has more than doubled our workforce, expanded our offices and opened new ones, and enriched our service offerings. We’ve also partnered with 100s of new clients enabling innovation across AWS, Salesforce, and NetSuite. 

When I joined AllCloud, I made some immediate additions to the leadership team to help us navigate what we expected to be a high-growth rate of our employee body. One of the first additions was a leader for our employee success team (most organizations call it human resources). I quickly tasked that team with many projects, but one task, in particular, was especially near and dear to my heart – redefining our organization’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values. 

It’s important to mention that AllCloud stemmed from a merger of two organizations in 2014-2015 and another acquisition in 2018, from different parts of the world. Because of this, it was important to me that we review the Vision, Mission and Core Values of each of these merged and acquired organizations as part of the opportunity to build something new and inclusive for AllCloud employees around the globe. 

The AllCloud senior leadership team spent months working to define our Vision and Mission. The result is something of which I am very proud and I believe will withstand the test of time. Moving forward, AllCloud’s Vision is to “Become the best cloud solutions provider to work for and with,” which addresses every stakeholder in our organization. This aligns well with our Mission, which is “To create ‘raving fans’ by revolutionizing how we engage with customers, employees, and partners; how we conduct business and how we deliver innovation.”  

When it came to building our organization’s Core Values, I knew they needed to represent AllCloud well, but also needed to be timeless. While we will always be open to adding new Core Values as needed, I wanted to create values that would serve as our guiding principles as we continue on this growth and evolution path. And we wanted our Core Values to resonate with our employees. Which is why we asked them for their input on the Core Values that are most important to them and best represent AllCloud. 

I’m very proud of the resulting Core Values and I think they are a critical component to building the AllCloud culture. In order for these Core Values to truly serve as principles by which we live, they needed to withstand the test of action. This means they are much more than words on our website or in an HR manual. Everyone in our organization regardless of their level or role will use these defined Core Values as their operating principles. And we will continue to evaluate and ensure that we have the best Core Values that represent our employees as we continue to grow and expand. 

We have a long path ahead of us as our organization evolves and matures and this is just one step. But it’s a critical step and one which impacts our business today and sets us up well as we grow. We are an organization that believes in “culture eats strategy for breakfast” and as such, these building blocks give me the confidence that we can continue to grow at a fast pace while attracting and retaining the type of employees that make us “the best place to work for and with.” 

Eran Gil


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