AWS Launches Fully Managed Windows File Servers

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AWS Launches Fully Managed Windows File Servers

Amazon Web Services selects AllCloud as one of its APN partners to participate in the new service launch of Amazon FSx for Windows File Server. As a AWS Microsoft Workloads Competency Partner, AllCloud has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in the design, migration, deployment, and management of Microsoft-based applications on AWS.

“In the past, we often required a Windows-compatible storage solution and had to use various non-cloud native services. Now with the launch of Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, we are able to run a cloud-native storage solution that is 100% Windows compatible, highly available, and fully integrated as a managed solution on AWS. This fits well with the AllCloud mission to transform enterprises to be cloud enabled.” Lahav Savir, Founder, EVP and Chief Architect, Cloud Platforms, AllCloud

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server makes it easy for you to launch and use Windows shared
file storage for your Windows-based applications. Built on Windows Server, Amazon FSx
provides fully managed Windows file servers with the compatibility, features, and performance
that Windows-based applications rely on. This compatibility and performance is particularly important when moving workloads that require Windows shared file storage, like CRM, ERP, and.NET applications, as well as home directories.  With Amazon FSx, you can launch highly durable and available Windows file systems that can be accessed from up to thousands of compute instances using the industry-standard SMB protocol. Amazon FSx uses SSD storage to provide high levels of file system throughput and IOPS, and consistent sub-millisecond latencies.


  • Native Windows compatibility
  • Broadly accessible
  • Fully managed
  • Secure and compliant
  • Cost-effective

Use cases

  • Home directories
  • Migrate Windows applications to the cloud
  • Media and entertainment workflows
  • Data analytics
  • Web serving and content management
  • Software development environments

AllCloud is pioneering the integration between business applications and platforms to ease cloud migration for our customers worldwide. AllCloud’s expertise in helping customers securely deploy their Microsoft Windows workloads on AWS is part of our commitment to fueling the global enterprise cloud transformation. For more information about FSx for Windows File Server or Microsoft Workloads on AWS, contact us at

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Marketing Lead, Israel

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