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Life is unpredictable and can take a different turn when you least expect it. Sometimes it can be scary, but also brings new opportunities and life adventures. Layoffs are one such instance that can take you out of your comfort zone and force you to get creative. Today, we bring you the inspiring story of Jonathan Witt, Solutions Architect at AllCloud, who embraced a new beginning with determination and perseverance. Read on to learn how he turned a challenging situation into a life-changing opportunity.

About a decade ago, Jonathan was working in the Customer Service department of his previous company, where they decided to implement Salesforce and Jonathan ended up becoming the Salesforce administrator. As they were new to the system, he was given a budget to find a partner to assist with the implementation. That’s when he came across Figur8 (which later became part of AllCloud). Little did Jonathan know that an initial meeting with this partner would change the course of his career.

Jonathan’s Facebook post that marked the beginning of his journey with AllCloud

After researching and interviewing several partners, I finally settled on a small consulting company in Toronto called Figur8. It was there that I met Jay Datta and Richard Lockson. Of all the partners I spoke with, I had the best impression of these two. They seemed genuine and knowledgeable and took the time to understand our needs. They asked the right questions and designed a great solution for us. So, we decided to work with them and had a successful collaboration. Our usage of Salesforce continued to grow from there.

A few years later, Jonathan’s company was acquired by a competitor. By that time, he was leading the Customer Service team. However, the company they merged with had a larger Customer Service department, so some employees were let go, including Jonathan. He was uncertain about his next career move and taking a hiatus, when his wife suggested:

Why don’t you reach out to your contacts, people you met during your career, and maybe consider a career change?” 

That motivated Jonathan to think outside the box and start looking for new opportunities. Thanks to a bit of prompting from his wife, he decided to reach out to Richard and Jay  from Figur8 (now AllCloud) via LinkedIn:

Hey, I am considering a career change. Do you have any openings or advice for me to get into Salesforce?

They were thrilled to hear from him, and Jonathan had his interview with them in the late Summer of 2016.

I remember it being the hottest day because I wore a suit. I was very overdressed for what the folks in the office were wearing, but I was dressed to impress.

During the interview, Jonathan was given a business problem to solve using Salesforce. He had to explain his solution and the reasoning behind it. The interview was designed to test his soft skills and ability to interact with people, as he had to present his ideas and convince the interviewer of their effectiveness.

The interview began with a few people, but eventually, everyone who wasn’t busy joined, so I presented to an entire panel.

Despite the pressure of a panel judging his presentation, Jonathan secured a job offer and started as a Junior Consultant. He had worked at Figur8 for two years when AllCloud acquired the company. The news was difficult to process, as he couldn’t help but worry that history might repeat itself and there would be more layoffs. As it turned out, this was a completely different situation.

AllCloud’s acquisition of Figur8 was a pleasant surprise. Unlike my past experiences, AllCloud appreciated our way of doing things and didn’t make drastic changes overnight. This consistency and recognition of our approach is reassuring. Additionally, AllCloud prioritizes education, support, and selecting the right projects, which is great for our team.

Jonathan was promoted to Senior Consultant in 2019, a position he held for four years. During this time, he worked on various projects of all sizes, continuously upgrading his skills. He eventually worked towards obtaining his first Architect-level certification, which he achieved last year. As a result, he was promoted to a Salesforce Solutions Architect role, which he currently holds.

                                                                                               work from home with furry friends

I love the support at AllCloud, which was evident when I was hired and still exists today. It’s refreshing to work for a company that values its employees beyond just billable time and sees them as individuals who add value in unique ways. This approach highlights the quality of people within the company.

Jonathan’s story is a testament to the importance of striving for excellence and being customer-centric. At AllCloud, we believe that our customers are our top priority, and we go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. We are proud that former customers have become our employees due to their positive experience with us, and will continue to provide the best possible service to our customers and create opportunities for those willing to embrace new beginnings with determination and perseverance.

                              ax-throwing team building                                                                    at Toronto Blue Jays game with fellow AllClouders

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