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Collaboration is more than just a buzzword in the business world, it is a crucial element for any company to succeed. When employees from different departments work together towards a common goal, amazing results can be achieved. The story of Chris Zullo, Director, Marketing Cloud at AllCloud, highlights the importance of a collaborative company culture and how it leads to innovation, growth, and a thriving workplace.


From Challenge to Success

Chris’ journey at AllCloud began with the goal of forming the Salesforce Marketing Cloud practice, a challenge that he took on with enthusiasm. With his expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem, he formed and successfully expanded the practice at AllCloud, due in no small part to his passion for collaboration. 

Chris is passionate about collaborating and enjoys both learning and coaching. He even coached various sports teams in the past, including American Football in London. His passion for helping others has extended to his work at AllCloud, where he works across multiple departments to ensure the success of the Marketing Cloud practice.


Committed to Collaboration

Chris is a seasoned expert in the Salesforce ecosystem, with over 10 years of experience under his belt. He has been part of the Salesforce Most Valuable Player program and the Marketing Champions program since its launch in 2020.

 Chris Zullo presenting at Salesforce World Tour NYC in May 2023

Chris’ passion for sharing knowledge with others is evident in how he delivers highly engaging presentations at Salesforce events. He says, If I have something that might be of use to someone, then I will share it. If I don’t have it and it is an interesting topic for me, I will go and research and learn it myself so that I can help. That’s actually how I learned a lot of stuff within Salesforce.” 

Colleagues praise him for his willingness to help and his passion for coaching. 

It’s refreshing when the team you’re working with understands the end goal, and all collectively contribute their efforts towards that common goal. That’s one of the many reasons that make working with Chris so enjoyable,” says Jay Datta, Sales Engineer at AllCloud.

Chris’ hybrid role makes him a bridge between delivery, marketing, and sales. He is thought of very highly by all of his peers! He’s always willing to make time for you in both a professional and personal capacity. Chris infects those around him with his exuberant passion for marketing and marketing technologies,” adds Stu Trent, Solutions Architect at AllCloud.

                                                                       Chris Zullo presenting at Dreamforce in September 2023

As the practice lead, Chris works with the leadership team to develop offerings and upskill the team. He works closely with the CTO, NA President, and CMO to steer the direction of the company and learn from their insights. 

Chris also assists the sales team with scoping and right-sizing project needs, refining messaging, and supporting product questions. He evaluates estimates and provides ongoing customer support, including finding answers and connecting with individuals. 

Since joining AllCloud, Chris has leveraged his connections to help the talent acquisition team hire several talented individuals. He takes pride in seeing these individuals thrive and contribute to the success of AllCloud. One of the employees hired through Chris’ connection is Joe Sterne, Solutions Architect at AllCloud:

Chris and I had the opportunity to work together in the past when he was my People Manager. He was the second People Manager I had who was a Salesforce MVP, which was a great stroke of luck for me. I learned a lot from him and got introduced to many important people in the ecosystem. We developed a good friendship and kept in touch even after we went our separate ways career-wise. During the late 2010s, we attended multiple Dreamforces and met up at each one. We even tried to motivate each other to do a 5K “fun run” early in the morning (which I finally made it to in 2019). We recommended each other to various positions, hoping to work together at the same company, but it never worked out until 2023 when I joined AllCloud. Chris has been an excellent mentor to me, and I am truly grateful to have him in my life.


At AllCloud, we believe collaboration is key to success. Chris’ experience is just one example of this philosophy in action. This is how we manage to stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment. With our Core Values of leading with integrity, striving for excellence, putting people first, being customer-centric, and embracing humility, we’ve created a workplace where collaboration is encouraged, knowledge-sharing is valued, and innovation thrives. By working together across departments, we achieve amazing results, quickly create new products and services, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

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