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Today’s organizations know that they need to do more with their data, but many don’t know the best practices for preventing an analytics initiative from getting stuck. When dealing with data analytics, you need to know how to build a process for success. 

Maybe you’re stuck because you have substantial data goals but too small a data team to support them. Or maybe you have a strong team but an aggressive timeline, and you’re unsure where to get started. Even more likely, you may have launched a data analytics initiative, but you’ve become stalled because you can’t scale it at the pace you need.

Before you can begin working with data, you need to bring it into a data warehouse and make it accessible — the biggest challenge behind extended timelines for data analytics programs. But building a data pipeline requires understanding the complexities involved in acquiring data, and setting up a data pipeline that replicates all the historical information, ongoing incrementals, has appropriate testing in place, and can be hands off promoted across multiple environments can take months. With AllCloud’s Matillion One-Click solution, companies can accomplish this goal in weeks, delivering value faster.

Stand Up Data Pipelines Quickly with Matillion

Matillion is one of the best tools on the market for solving the biggest challenge behind extended timelines for data analytics programs, making it incredibly easy to create data acquisition pipelines at scale. But many organizations struggle to understand how to best leverage the power of Matillion to load more sources at scale, manage changes, and monitor everything, all while maintaining their development team’s productivity. As a result, it can still take months to be production-ready.

AllCloud’s Once-Click solution for Matillion removes common points of friction that organizations face to accelerate this journey. Specifically, AllCloud’s extensive experience across Matillion, AWS, and Snowflake, combined with repeatable, tech-enabled IP, empowers companies to be production-ready in a matter of weeks. AllCloud reduces the time to productionize a Matillion instance by 75%, on average.

Get Production-Ready with a Single Config File

AllCloud’s Matillion One-Click solution is an AWS Service Catalog, Solution Factory-approved offering that delivers your organization a production-ready Matillion instance. The solution complies with best practices for Matillion and meets standard security, governance, and compliance requirements.

Rather than spending weeks tinkering with configurations, establishing access to source systems, and ensuring that security considerations are in place before moving data, AllCloud’s Matillion One-Click solution allows you to handle all of these tasks with a single config file. 

Realize Data Analytics Value Faster with AllCloud’s Matillion One-Click Solution

Ultimately, AllCloud’s Matillion One-Click solution saves countless hours and eliminates frustrating roadblocks. It enables your team to build data pipelines faster, show near-immediate value to key stakeholders, and repurpose saved capital for additional innovation around your data and analytics strategy.

In turn, your team can focus on the reason you’re procuring the tool in the first place: to orchestrate ETL jobs and start benefiting from analytics insights. And while the solution is an ideal fit for companies just getting started with Matillion, it can also reduce developer hours spent doing upgrades two or more times a year.

Learn more about AllCloud’s Matillion One-Click solution and start getting more from your data. 

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Sales Solutions Architect

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