AllCloud stands committed to inclusion and to fighting systemic bias, systemic racism and inequality

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AllCloud is committed to diversity and inclusion throughout our organization and we have zero-tolerance towards racism, inequality and injustice in our workplace and in our communities. As we have watched the acts of the last few weeks unfold, AllCloud cannot remain silent for all those that are facing injustice. There is significant work to be done, but one thing is clear; inaction is not acceptable. 

We pride ourselves on being an organization that strives for continuous innovation, which means our roles call for constant learning, listening and challenging ourselves not only with our clients, but with each other. As an organization, we must continue to apply our constant learning and listening to include ongoing conversations, reflection, education and action as we commit to impacting long-term change. 

AllCloud’s core values include leading with integrity, embracing humility and striving for excellence – excellence in what we do and excellence in how we do it. This is our commitment; to foster conversation and education around countering inequality, unconscious bias and systemic racism.

Like many across the globe, we are working to initiate meaningful and lasting change in our workplace and communities. AllCloud’s philanthropic arm, AllCloud Gives Back, has initiated a conversation to review organizations that are committed to helping those that are underprivileged, that are bringing about social justice and that are focused on equality. In the next few weeks, AllCloud Gives Back will announce new initiatives specifically supporting these efforts.

While we work to exemplify diversity across all regions of AllCloud, we recognize that there is always room for growth. Education is a key factor of progress, which is why we are also launching additional programs across all levels of our organization to recognize and eradicate unconscious bias, systemic racism and inequality. We are guiding all members of the AllCloud team in order to drive further change within our organization and across the communities in which we serve, including looking at additional means to support and recruit more minorities into the technology field and into AllCloud.

Even as we start to see positive impact, we are reminded that it will take everyone working together to affect change. And AllCloud’s commitment today is to continue to work with all to be the change we want to see tomorrow.

Eran Gil


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