AllCloud Earns AWS Certification Distinction for Achieving 100 Certified Professionals

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AllCloud is excited to announce that it has reached over 100 AWS certified professionals qualifying it for the AWS 100 Certification Distinction. Receiving an AWS Certification Distinction differentiates AllCloud to customers and from other partners by exhibiting that it has an expert team who has validated their AWS expertise through diligent study and hands-on experience. Through the AWS Certification Distinction, passing an individual AWS Certification exam becomes a collective achievement, one APN companies can be proud of and display how many active AWS Certifications their company has accomplished altogether.

“The AWS Certification Exams promote our employees’ professional growth, show our commitment to continuously gaining AWS knowledge, and extend our expertise to our customers,” says Lahav Savir, AllCloud Founder, EVP and Chief Architect, Cloud Platforms. “Investing in AWS Certifications is a top priority for AllCloud, we have a rigorous plan in place and are working hard towards achieving our next milestone, 200 certifications.”

Our customers can be assured they are working with a highly-skilled partner who always has their best interest at the top of the list, since an AWS Certification is an industry-recognized credential that shows partners possess the expertise to architect, deploy, and manage applications and infrastructure on AWS.

Our growing team and investment in their expertise will largely impact our customers in 2019. The best practices and specialities acquired around architecture, DevOps, security, managed services and machine learning means we have the agility to help more customers with complex use cases, to get up and running on AWS faster. The faster you are able to get your cloud infrastructure deployed and optimize, the quicker you can focus on core business development. This is AllCloud’s ultimate goal – to help customers accelerate their business innovation by means of cloud technology.

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