AWS Outpost

AllCloud is Proud to be an AWS Outpost Launch Partner in Israel.

Working with AWS, AllCloud supports clients in highly regulated customer segments that want to move to the cloud but have strict latency and data security policies.

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Supporting Highly Regulated Organizations in Their Journey to the Cloud

As the launch partner in Israel, AllCloud has invested in training, research, and local skills to lead the innovation of Outpost in the region.
AWS Outpost brings native AWS services, infrastructure, APIs, and managed IaaS services to virtually any data center or on-premise location.
AWS Outpost seamlessly extends the existing Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network and common APIs within a client premise. Extending the VPC significantly reduces the complexity and investment required to run and maintain hybrid environments.

Is Outpost Right for Your Organization?

AWS Outpost has technical benefits designed to meet the needs of security-conscious enterprises that require local processing and very low latency.

Security & Compliance

Built on technologies that enables AWS to provide enhanced security that continuously monitors, protects, and verifies your Outpost’s instance hardware and firmware in order to minimize the attack surface.

Local Data Processing

For applications that require very large amounts of data processing where volumes would be cost-prohibitive to transmit over Direct Connect.

Low Latency Connectivity

AWS Outpost co-location is ideal for workloads that are highly latency-sensitive or process very large amounts of data.

Consistent Experience

AWS Outpost maintains a consistent API, allowing existing automation systems and controls to be seamlessly extended into the hybrid environment.

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