The 2020 Cloud Infrastructure Report in the News

Here’s what’s happening at AllCloud

This month, AllCloud has released the results of a new study in its first-ever “2020 Cloud Infrastructure Report.” Based on a survey, the report aims at understanding how IT decision-makers in companies of at least 300+ employees are using cloud infrastructure, which platforms and technologies they’re leveraging, and the goals that are driving their future plans on the cloud.

The 2020 Cloud Infrastructure Report is gaining momentum fast and has been recently mentioned in various IT publications.

In the IT ToolBox article, AllCloud CEO, Eran Gil talks about how the cloud is doing exactly what it should–increasing productivity, lowering costs and enhancing innovation. He writes that AllCloud expects to see the trends found in the report to continue with the aid of new complementary technologies in 2020 and beyond.

He goes on to mention in an interview with Tech Target Search IT Channel that most of the survey findings reflect precisely what we’re hearing from our customers and some of the findings, like the number of organizations leveraging container technology for a majority their workloads, came to us as a surprise but really reinforce the real shift that companies are making to modernize their infrastructure and prepare for the future.

Throughout the month, the report has been covered on other news sites including:

You can find the full 2020 Cloud Infrastructure Report here.